Truth Rules: A Course Correction for Humanity

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The Path Forward 

Truth Rules: A Course Correction for Humanity is the first full length Inception Publishing release, and Eric Burlingame’s attempt to prompt you into a reconsideration of what you think you know. This book is a ‘no holds barred’ examination of the fundamentals of the nature of human beingness, and what we have ignorantly misunderstood about what we are capable of. Truth Rules may confound you, challenge you, and nearly force you to reconsider what you think about the nature of everything. This deep self-questioning is not the purpose of this book. It is just the nature of the material, and the fact that much of what most of us have been taught about life, the universe, and everything for that matter, is patently false. The Truth is ‘out there’ and it has confirmable structure, definable parameters, and specific implications about what can become the new customs that we all will share in the process of transforming human history.

“A great idea is not to be conceived as merely waiting for enough good men to carry it into practical effect. That is a childish view of the history of ideas. The ideal in the background is promoting the gradual growth of the requisite communal customs, adequate to sustain the load of its exemplification.” 

Alfred North Whitehead in Adventures of Ideas; Chapter II, Section VII. 1933.

The Key Elements

In Truth Rules you will find:

  • The results of almost twenty years of frontier consciousness research. 
  • Solutions for eliminating the potential damage of untruthful people and beliefs from your life, and from society. 
  • The intensely critical and creative role you play in the shaping of your world, and the future of humanity.
  • A clear explanation of how patterns of energy and information shape everything in our experience.
  • The nature of the core rules that shape the Universe, and how those are rules for successful living.
  • A sneak peek into a near future of a Truth based existence, both for you personally, and the world at large.
  • The complete context for the work and direction of Inception Publishing.
Coming in 2017

Coming in 2017


A message from the author to you…

“I have written Truth Rules knowing that humanity is entering an age where significant portions of the population are ready to examine the most unconsciously held assumptions and presumptions. Presumptions about the transformation of human beings, and basic questioning of the nature of human experience are just now beginning to exit the world of the ‘given’, and be exposed for reconsideration. To do so, we must first learn to relinquish previously held modes of thinking, like the primacy of the valuation of doubt, fear, and moral relativism. This is difficult to accomplish individually, and so it has become nearly impossible to do so socially and globally. In this book I hope to provide you with the motivation to transform yourself with a few exciting realizations about the nature of the Universe, and some astonishing facts about yourself. From these new pieces of information, it is also my intention that you will become excited to take distinctive, proactive steps to transform the world around you. I can’t wait to get this book into your hands!

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