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Inception Publishing releases the first book!

Get ready! The first Inception Publishing book to be released is coming out today! The Inceptional Field Guide: A Quick-Start Manual for Coherence Verification is available today for all Patreon subscribers at the $5 and above reward levels. 

For those of you reading this that aren't yet part of the Inceptional Community on Patreon, let me clue you in. The Inceptional Field Guide is a short(ish) book I've written to get you quick-started into Coherence Verification (CV). CV is a surprising talent that we all have that allows you to verify the truth in any situation, and discover what is helpful to you in all areas of your life. 

The Inceptional Field Guide is your chance to learn to use CV quite quickly, and very thoroughly, in just a matter of a few days. So, if you haven't joined us yet on Patreon, take a look at the reward levels here and choose the one that fits you just right, preferably the $5 or above level so you can receive the free guide!

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