The Inceptional Field Guide: A Quick-Start Manual for Coherence Verification

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What is this book all about? 

The Inceptional Field Guide is a thorough but quick introduction to Coherence Verification. Coherence Verification is the most advanced process for the discovery of all forms of facts and truths, via a nearly magical mechanism that is built right into your body and brain. You have this surprising talent that you carry around with you every moment. The Inceptional Field Guide is your exciting, mind expanding, and even occasionally humorous instruction and practice manual to get you mastering the use of your talent, right away. This is the little book that can fundamentally change the way you see yourself, and the way you interact with everything and everyone. 

What exactly will I be learning in the Inceptional Field Guide?

  • Exactly how to determine when someone is telling the truth, or is lying to you, in any situation.
  • Exactly how to uncover exaggerations, mistakes, fabrications, and distortions in speech.
  • Exactly how to discover the usefulness of your own thoughts.
  • Exactly how to find out if someone means what they are saying, or intends to keep a promise.
  • Exactly how to reveal hidden inaccuracies in any type of information.
  • Exactly how to decide what products are beneficial to your well being. 
  • Exactly how to sort out your own conflicting thoughts that are at the root of your stress.

Are you saying this book will give me access to the truth?

Yes, you are getting it! It does sound way too good to be true, but it isn’t! It is the Truth that is built into your body, and the Universe. The Inceptional Field Guide will introduce you to the astonishing capability that you already possess, but weren’t taught to use, until now. So, give yourself the gift of discovering your inherent super talent by joining our Patreon community now, and get access to your copy of The Inceptional Field Guide!

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