Right now a nearly magical, natural talent is always at work within you, but without you knowing it, or having to make it come about.

You have a brain that is the greatest computational device ever imagined, and your body is a super sensitive interface, responding to vast quantities of information.

The information is electromagnetic waves, temperature, gravity, every sight and sound you can perceive, everything you consume, and each tactile sense the skin registers.

Not only is all that information being processed and responded to, but every thought you think, and all the emotions you feel are other forms of information. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, every thought you think is being actively compared with extent information energy that is a freely available, fundamental force in the Universe.


The Fact is every cell in your body is positively responding when your thoughts are based in some fact or truth… or else being temporarily debilitated when presented with a counterproductive, or untruthful piece of information.

Put plainly there is no significant thing in this Universe that is unknowable, or undiscoverable, and your body and mind are all the tools you need to uncover nearly anything you want to know.

Know now that the use of the mind and body in a purposeful Truth discovery process is Coherence Verification, and it is this astonishing talent that Inception Publishing is here to introduce to you, and teach you to master.


You can join us in the discovery of your surprising talent, and the transformation of your life from one of concern, worry, and doubt, into a life of greater certainty and truthfulness.

It’s time for you to discover how Inceptional you are!


Coming Soon!

Truth Rules: A Course Correction for Humanity

This second full length book from Inception Publishing reveals how there are energetic and informational forces that invisibly shape all things, including you and your thoughts. The implications for positive, fundamental, and lasting human transformation are mind blowing, while also being entirely achievable in just a few years. We are at a phase in the history of humankind and the Earth where a new map forward is needed that no longer relies on outmoded belief systems, ignorant opinions, institutional lies, and the forcefulness of anger, power struggles, and violence. Join the IP email list now to be notified in advance of the release!

Warning: This book is designed to reshape your view of what is possible, and what you are capable of!


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