The Inception of Truth

Available Summer 2017!

Your Amazing Talent Revealed

The Inception of Truth, scheduled for release this coming summer, is an extensive guide to learning how to use your amazing talent, Coherence Verification. The ability to distinguish between the truth, and counterproductive ideas and things is your birthright as a human being, and The Inception of Truth has been written to be the most thorough introductory practice book ever on the subject. If you have ever desired to harness your intuition, if you have ever felt the need for greater clarity in decision making, or if you have ever wanted to eliminate the fear of the unknown, then you are ready for The Inception of Truth!

Never before in human history has there been a more detailed examination of the potential of the human physical and energetic systems to be the foundation of fundamental human transformation. You are at the center of dramatic opportunities in the advancement of your intelligence, your livelihood, your health, and your level of consciousness.


Your Access to the Truth

In The Inception of Truth you will be guided in the discovery of:

  • The fact that you are a walking detector of all forms of truth, and all types of lies. 
  • A history of where Coherence Verification came from, and how your usage of it will change the future. 
  • Immediately useful practice methods and experiments you can do at home with your amazing talent. 
  • A new sense of who you are, and how your intentions, intuition, and thoughts come about.
  • The nature of Universal Truths that you can always rely upon, and verifications to prove these Truths.
  • Methods for determining how truthful any story, document, news, or report is.
  • The tools you need to keep yourself safe from all types of scams, frauds, and under-handed dealings.
  • The eye opening truth of exactly how you are connected to everyone and everything. 

This is a book for everyone! 

There is literally no one that cannot benefit from The Inception of Truth, because it will teach you to use the subtle energetic and informational interpretation capacities that are built right into your body and brain. No one is without this capability, but very few have been taught to harness the full power of it, and never before has there been a complete guide to learn all the basic applications. Whether you are an executive in a corner office, or a clerk at the grocery store, you will find immediate value in learning to master Coherence Verification. There are many books out there that might teach you to be exceptional in a particular way, but there is only one that can teach you to be Inceptional in everything you do. The Inception of Truth is that guide. Stay tuned for the release date by becoming part of the Inceptional community! 

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