The Elements of Inception Publishing

The Many Books

Inception Publishing exists to provide you with the exact information that can most benefit your life practically and informationally, regardless of your beliefs, backgrounds, and purposes. Currently, 16 books are already planned, with 4 already nearing completion. Discover the first book releases now!

Book 1: Truth Rules

The Inceptional Community

No significant transformation is accomplished individually. You are at the center of the Inception Community. See what we have built for you already!

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Truth Inception Academy

We are building an online learning experience for you right now! Coherence Verification knowledge and fear elimination skills will be at the core of the practices. You will be in full control of when and where you learn. Join the email list to stay up on our plans for your advanced learning opportunity, coming in 2018!

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Consciousness Field Work

Fear is the ultimate human error and disease, and it is the intention of Inception Publishing to assist you in the elimination of fearfulness, through extensive programs and practices in the understanding of your consciousness. It is time for you to be free of the imaginary shackles that have held you back. Imagine the possibilities!

Truth Rules

The Truth Elephant

The Truth Elephant will be your home base and ultimate resource for the collective memory of the Inception Community. This is where you will come to gain access to the internal database of Inception Publishing, and will be your resource for the news of the advancement of the Truth. This amazing community resource is planned for 2018!

The Ongoing Research

There are few limitations to the Inception Publishing research process. With your help and support, Inception Publishing will continue looking into and reporting on the information and opportunities that can truly transform your world. Take a minute to see what we are planning to clarify for you!

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Truthful Social Transformation

We think everyone should always be treated compassionately. Where that treatment is not supported, there is a lack of Truth. Where there is a lack of Truth, Inception Publishing will notify the Inception Community, and encourage the community to shift its attentions to more beneficial organizations and processes. This is the core of effective social transformation. Join us on Patreon to see some of the already completed research that can help you change the world!

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The Inception Institute

The dream of an inceptional world can only be brought into reality by many who share that dream. Inception Institute will be where those like minded people come to gather, and share what is needed to realize the dream. This is a serious plan for the future, and one we hope to realize by 2020.

That seems like a gigantic reach!

You are right, this is an ambitious plan for the future, but we know you are ready for a fearless, Truth based world, and that starts with you joining the Inceptional People on Patreon where we are building the community and resources necessary to fulfill this dream. Your participation on Patreon is the key to becoming part of the Inceptional Community, and the accomplishment of all the intentions we have set. Join those of us that are already involved!

Thank you Inceptional Community!


Thanks to all of you who are already part of the Inceptional Community on Patreon!

Michelle Manu, Veruska Quinones, Teresa Rodeghier, Elizabeth Brimmer, Steve Spradley, Tamara Rust, Joel Sulminski, Lynette Pradiga, Ryan Weisgerber, Huong Pham, Linda Lou Franklin, Kristyn Pertierra, Meleesa, Valerie Vaughan, Igor Klopov, and many, many more! You are all forever appreciated and gratefully acknowledged! Keep being Inceptional!