Welcome to Inception Publishing!

Welcome to the first of what will be an ever increasing number of blog posts for your enlightenment, and hopefully your entertainment! 

I thought I’d spend a few words in this first blog to accomplish three things:

  1. Introduce you to me as an author, and hopefully, as a human being, like most of you are.
  2. Get you well acquainted with Inception Publishing.
  3. Answer your likely question, “What’s my motivation for caring about what these people are doing?”

Admittedly, that’s quite a chore to accomplish without coughing up 20,000 words (which you aren’t likely to read - let’s be honest). So, know that I will be keeping this condensed in the same way that a ‘get acquainted’ conversation might happen with a person you’ve just met at a party (and I really don’t want to over share). Hopefully, we’ll exchange emails and get to know each other much better in days to come. For now though, let’s hit the highlights. 

Hi, I’m Eric!

First, the miscellaneous stuff. I am a big music and film fan, am married to a talented artist named Lynette, have one cat (or she tolerates us, not sure which), no kids, and consider myself a regular kind of guy. I work a little too much, supported by an overactive sense of purpose, and coffee. I am a classic self-starter that doesn’t know he can’t do something until it’s too late. I do not have a degree in writing, did not originally intend to become an author, and honestly, I’ve had to train myself to sit still long enough to write for any length of time. I’m based in Maui, Hawaii, and divide my time between assisting my clients in achieving the lifestyle they have always desired through the synergizing of their creative energy, the elimination of fears, and a developing a greater understanding of the forces that shape their consciousness; and, writing the growing Inception Publishing catalog. Suffice it to say, I do not have any time for hobbies, but do like to stare off into the sky for extended periods whenever I’m not sure what’s next.

What do I do exactly?

I’m an author, personal development trainer, and I lead this publishing and social transformation group called Inception Publishing. I’m the community originator and lead author for Inception Publishing, and we specialize in energetic research, fear elimination, and the training of Coherence Verification for personal and social improvement. 

Since 2002 I have been professionally focused on training individuals how to eliminate the perceived limitations in their ability to consciously create their lives and careers. I’ve combined my extensive research in the developing field of consciousness studies with my experience in creative business development, personality type identification, philosophy, alternative health modalities, stress reduction, and the liberal arts, to create practical, experiential methods to this end. 

The result of this work has been a depth and breadth of training materials that I’m now putting into books and self-guided educational processes. This is the “author” portion of what I do. With the help of my best friend and wife, artist Lynette Pradiga, and a few super amazing friends, we are turning that educational process into something much larger that we like to call Inception Publishing. My next major goal is to start small Coherence Verification practice groups throughout the the world so that individuals are equipped to influence their communities in significant ways that reach far beyond what we can accomplish organizationally. That is the “community originator” part of my job.

What’s all this stuff about Coherence Verification, Truth, and Inception?

Coherence Verification is a process of using the brain and body to identify and delineate the information and energy that makes up you, and everything else in the universe. In other words, you are like a computer monitor that can ‘show’ all the processes and information that is happening in you, and around you. Everything is a combination of energy and information, kind of like the binary code in a computer. Coherence Verification is a process we go through to read that code, and because everything has a code, we can now discover just about anything in the universe that is important to us. 

One of the most important things we’ve discovered is that everything is built on a few rules, or laws, if you will. Some of these laws you already know a bit about, like gravity, and the fact that the biological world is always replicating itself, but with slight modifications. 

Stated differently, there are universal laws that govern everything, and the scientific community is aware of some, but there are more we have found. We call these universal laws, Truths (always with a capital ’T’) because they are reliable and virtually permanent. The Truths are just the way things are. When human decision making is based on Truth, things turn out well, and we are considerably happier. When we make decisions in opposition to the Truth, we are swimming against the current, and so life gets kind of crappy.

Now, I know that many of us have been taught that this whole truth thing is kind of flexible, and that no one has cornered the market on the truth, and I’m super interested in that whole discussion. However, this discussion will always end up back at the basics of what we can consistently confirm is the case. We can now consistently confirm that there are some basic, reliable facts and functions that make it all go ‘round, and we simply haven’t been aware of all of those Truths until recently. Now that we are aware of them, it makes perfect sense to adjust course and make the journey more effective, healthy, and enjoyable. 

One of the most important Truths in human experience is that everyone is a valuable, creative participant in the ongoing making of the universe. When we are choosing to be fearful, we aren’t really making anything but a mess. When we are definitive in our intentions, and those intentions are aligned with Truth, then we are creating things and experiences of value. In those moments, we are being “inceptional.” It’s our job at Inception Publishing to show you how to become more inceptional than you are at the moment, and also how to avoid making life unnecessarily difficult.  

How do you get involved? Well, let me tell you…

First, if you like the idea of learning more about how the universe works, how to eliminate obnoxious fears, how to have a greater sense of purpose, or how to tell the difference between truth and falsehoods with ease, then we are the folks to help you with that. In the coming months and years we will be publishing many books on these subjects, creating an online academy to help you teach yourself, and establishing a network of similarly minded people for you to connect with. There are many ways to get intellectually and practically involved, and drastically improve your life experience. 

Second, if you like the idea that people are out there working for the improvement of everyone’s life experience and awareness, then you can help us out! Sign up for our email list [link] to get the news of what’s happening, and visit our Patreon site at www.patreon.com/eriburlingame to become a partner in the work we are doing. Trust me, you’ll be well rewarded for joining in on the exciting work that’s being accomplished by Inception Publishing!

Third, if you aren’t sure about all the above just yet, then just stay in touch with us. We like making new friends, and giving away a ton of content that is helpful to folks, and that you can freely share with others. Again, you can get on the email list and we’ll keep you up to date on what we are up to, when there are upcoming events, and what exciting books are being released next. You can also like us on Facebook to get regular notifications. Basically, hang out with us periodically and come back and visit this blog for interesting and brain busting ideas. We are always happy to have you!

Thanks again for taking some time to get acquainted, and (hopefully) check out our Patreon page to become part of the team. We really appreciate you and know your time is valuable. If you’ve found fun facts and info in this blog or on the site, feel free to share it with your friends, family, or tribal affiliates. We look forward to connecting with you again, soon!