The Discovery of a Surprising Talent

FYI: This entry is about 2,300 words and takes about 12 minutes to read.

Welcome to the Inception Publishing blogorama! I’m big on letting readers know what the heck I’m doing that justifies taking a few minutes of your time to read what I’m writing. So, real quick like, here’s the story.

This is part one of a two part blog where I’m further introducing you to your amazing talent, what I like to call Coherence Verification. Learning more about this talent, that you probably didn’t even know you had, will help you to understand the purpose of Inception Publishing, and the motivation for what material we are publishing, and the way that we are publishing. These two blogs are also a way for me to further introduce you to me as an author in advance of actually purchasing some books in the near future. In essence, you get to test drive the car before you decide to buy it!

So, the next two blog entries have been adapted from the opening of our soon to be released first books, Truth Rules and The Inception of Truth. It is slightly technical, but really lays out the fundamentals for you to absorb quite quickly. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section at the end. I’m always interested in what you have to say.

Coherence Verification explained: We all possess a surprising talent

Thunk, thunk, thunk. That was the sound my head was making against the door jamb one evening almost two decades ago, as two cohorts looked on with some puzzlement of their own. This thunking was not the head banging of frustration or self-destruction. This thunking was the quiet sound of a guy trying to force information into his brain that just didn’t fit. I was trying to cram in data and experience that didn’t belong anywhere in any existing space between my ears. I was, in a word, confounded. I was confounded by the fact that I had just been introduced to a human capability that I had no context for, and was not even sure I fully understood. 

“This changes everything.” Given that the bumping up against the wall wasn’t working to hold my mind together as it was being blown, I resorted to thinking out loud, and that was the less than genius comment that spontaneously rolled out of my mouth. As I remember it, one guy laughed, and the other said something like, “Yeah…” In retrospect, I now realize I was correct. Everything did change for me that day. I think the world changed for the better that day too, but somewhat imperceptibly. It is my contention that it’s time for your world to change too, and for everything else to transform for the better as well. I am writing this article now (and quite a few books to come) to blow your mind, much like mine was blown years ago. So, keep a door jamb handy. You’re going to need it.

Your surprising talent, and where it comes from

If your body is reasonably healthy, you possess a surprising talent. This is an introduction to your talent and how it can be used for the betterment of yourself, your people, and your communities and tribes. This surprising talent is what I was introduced to many years ago, and the weight and magnitude of it was what drove me to punish that wall with my skull.

There is a nearly magical, and naturally occurring phenomenon happening in your body and mind right now without you even having to manage it, or make it come about. Right this second, your brain is functioning as the greatest computational device ever imagined, and your body is super sensitive and responding to vast quantities of information. That information is in the form of food, beverages, electromagnetic waves, the temperature, gravity, every sight and sound you can perceive, and each tactile sense that the skin registers. Not only is all that information being processed and responded to, but every thought you think and all the emotions you feel are other forms of information that are being dealt with. As if that wasn’t enough, every thought you have is being actively “compared” with extent “information energy” that is a freely available, fundamental element in the function of the universe. Every cell in your body is positively responding when your thoughts are based in some fact or truth, or else being temporarily debilitated when presented with a counterproductive or untruthful piece of information. Put plainly, there is no significant thing in this universe that is unknowable, or at least eventually discoverable, and your body and mind are all the tools you need to uncover just about anything you want to know about. The use of the mind and body in a purposeful discovery process, is what I call Coherence Verification, and it is your surprising talent.

Pause for a second. Did I push the boundaries of your awareness with those last couple sentences? If you are anything like I was, standing in that doorway with my head bumping into a wall, then the answer is yes. Now, you’ll need to ‘make some space’ in your brain to accommodate this fact about the existence of free floating information energy that your body and brain have complete access to. Let me explain it in some moderate detail.  

Warning: Everything you are about to read is absolutely True, and seemingly nutty. Please proceed with caution, and the intellectual humility required when reading information that is new to you. The author takes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur when your head explodes. 

Here is part 1 in the process that is your surprising talent, Coherence Verification

With every thought you assemble (we’ll get into the fact that thoughts are assembled rather than created at a later date), a probability field of information and energy is coalesced. A probability field is like an invisible math equation that is spontaneously constructed for the purpose of determining the accuracy, or likely accuracy and viability of the thought you have assembled. Information energy, for the purposes of this article, is my terminology for any composite energy form that is primarily made up of some data or imagination. A relatively cohesive grouping of data or imagination can be thought of as an information energy program, much like a piece of software in a computer, but not exactly. 

As you think, an information energy probability field then either matches, or “coheres” with a pre-existing and well defined information pattern (a fact that already exists) through an energetic enmeshment process that is somewhat similar to the resonance that happens when one vibrating tuning fork is brought together with another tuning fork of the same frequency. If you have not seen this take place, it’s easy to explain. When a tuning fork is struck it vibrates at a particular frequency. If you then bring another similarly tuned tuning fork together in close proximity with the one that is vibrating, the second one will begin to vibrate as well, because it is sensitized, if you will, to that energetic resonance. The two tuning forks resonate with each other because they are of the same essential make up. When your assembled thought is the same energetic make up as a fundamental truth, or preexisting fact, the body becomes more energetically and physically strengthened because it is resonating at a more coherent level than if you were thinking of something that was not factual, or untruthful. In essence, the entire body and brain respond well when introduced to the truth; and so, you are a naturally occurring truth detector! 

Here is part 2 in the process that is your surprising talent

The body and mind become more coherent in being and function when introduced to thoughts that are truthful, and it turns out that this occurs instantaneously. I won’t bother you with how fast, but suffice it to say that a healthy adult has these resonant coherences, or non-coherences, happening at least five or six times per second. The cohering of the body and mind takes place due to a special relationship information energy has with subtle forms of electromagnetism. You see, it now appears that information energy performs an organizational function for all other forms of energy, and the beneficial organizational effect of coherent, or truthful information, allows for a maximum fluidity of electromagnetic energy throughout the body and brain. So, the body and brain work differently dependent upon whether there is full enmeshment (intertwining, if you will) of information energy and electromagnetic wave states, or if there is not. The primary determinant of the quality of the enmeshment is the level of truthfulness of the information that you are exposed to. More truthfulness results in more effective enmeshment, while limited truthfulness (or completely inaccurate concoctions) results in ineffective enmeshment, or else, no enmeshment at all. A lack of enmeshment is what we’ll be calling a “non-coherent” state. 

Here is part 3 in the process that is your surprising talent

In a coherence, the electromagnetic energy movement is increased considerably, or you can also say that it becomes more fluid, (as mentioned above), and this has the physical effect of tight compaction of subatomic states (subatomic “particles” in common parlance), and subsequently, increased tissue density. At the smallest level we can currently conceive of, there exists a subatomic coherence that occurs in all of you with each assembled or experienced coherent information energy field that is truthful or beneficial. There are no known subatomic particles that are “responsible” for the subatomic alignment in a coherence, and not all subatomic particles align in a coherence. What can be confirmed, is that all subatomic particles in the electromagnetic continuum align in a coherent moment. So, in a coherent state there is full enmeshment of information energy and electromagnetism.

Here is part 4 in the process that is your surprising talent

The increased tissue density and more fluid electromagnetic movement provides for greater alignment in, and involvement of muscle tissue, and so the musculoskeletal system in the human body can be used to overtly confirm a coherent or non-coherent state. This is accomplished by simply applying pressure or force against a human muscle group during the moment of a focused thought. In a non-coherent state a test subject cannot resist even moderate force with the muscle group being tested. In a coherent state a test subject can easily resist the pressure of the person doing the verifying, or the specific muscle test. 

The payoff:

Your surprising talent is the ability to tell when any piece of information is true or false, when a person is lying or telling the truth, or when any item is beneficial to you, and when it is not. Your surprising talent also includes the ability (with a little training) to define the exact mental and emotional quality that you, or any other person is experiencing or participating in. You can literally tell who is functioning with integrity and healthful intent, and who is choosing to be less than sane, and it only takes seconds to make that determination.

Phew! Was that geeky stuff or what? I promise I won’t do too much of that in the future, and I’ll always include a summation for those of you that are not thrilled by detailed physics discussions. So here’s your first summation. 

  • Your body and brain, or the All of you, (which I like to call the Energetic Domain) is always sorting out what is working for you and what isn’t. It is also figuring out what information “matches” the already existing accurate information in the universe. 
  • This matching happens every time you assemble some information together to make a thought of any sort. 
  • When a thought is assembled, a probability field (or mathematical question) is set up, and gets “answered” right away. 
  • The Energetic Domain (All of you) is then instantaneously cohering, or not, dependent upon whether there is full enmeshment of information energy and some electromagnetic energy in the probability field. 
  • Coherence in the field means that there is factuality, or truthfulness. Lack of coherence means that something isn’t accurate, beneficial, or else it just doesn’t really exist at all. 
  • The human body can be used to ‘see’ this natural phenomenon happening by completing a simple muscle strength test. In a coherence, or strong musculoskeletal response, the electromagnetic energy movement is increased considerably, and this has the physical effect of increased tissue density, and that allows muscles to be strong. 

In essence, I could walk up to you right now, have you hold out your arm, ask you to tell me your name, and then push down on your outstretched arm while you resisted. If you gave me your correct name, then your muscles would easily resist me pushing down on your arm. If you gave me a name different than your own, your arm would go almost totally weak when I pushed down on it, even if only gently. Your body is effectively “telling” me that you have told the truth about your name, or not. 

That is right grasshopper, any piece of information, whether it be your name, or a complex mathematical equation, can be determined to be true, or not true. All that needs to be done is perform a simple muscle test, or what I like to call a Coherence Verification, in just a couple seconds. As I mentioned before, you have access to the basic truthfulness of nearly any data or event, no matter where it occurred, or when. If that isn’t a surprising talent, I don’t know what is. Take just a minute to contemplate what you could do with that kind of ability!

Check in next week for part two of this publication about your amazing talent!

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