Coherence Verification Report: Donald Trump & Friends, Part 1

This post is about 4,300 words long, and takes about 25 minutes to read.


I didn’t really want to do this report. I feel I have have quite a few very positive and uplifting things to accomplish over the next couple years, and delving into the depths of people in politics with extremely limited levels of consciousness is not on the list. That being said, things have gotten extra ugly of late in the circus tent that is political activity in the United States. The questioning of what the facts are is even being used as a manipulative tool to such an extent, that millions have been fundamentally deceived and brain washed over the last few years. So, at the request of many clients and friends, I am jumping into some of the mess in politics with this Coherence Verification Report. My hope is that this report is enlightening to you, even though it may not be exceptionally fun.

About This Report

The following assessment and report is in three parts. This portion, part 1, is an in depth look at the energetic and truth factors involved in Donald Trump’s level of function, and of some of those he works with closely. Part 2 will assess the consciousness of those that have been proposed or approved as cabinet members or high level officials of the incoming Trump administration. The purpose of parts 1 and 2 of this report is simple. I want you to be preemptively informed of what is really going on in the minds of these people, and thus, provide you with the truthful information you need to make whatever political choices you deem appropriate as a citizen. If you are reading this and are not a citizen of the United States, it seems that forewarning of what the next four years might entail is also useful information for you. 

Part 3 was completed due to significant public interest in the validation, or invalidation of many recent claims of physical advances on women by Donald J. Trump. Needless to say, sexual assault is no minor issue, and should be addressed very seriously when chronic accusations arise against a particular individual. Unfortunately, in society at large, there is no way to define the truthfulness of someone’s statements without physical or visual evidence, and for that reason, women’s claims of assault have often gone unheeded. With Coherence Verification we can verify an individual’s claims, and the history surrounding the claim, and so the seriousness of this issue combined, with the in depth efficacy of Coherence Verification, essentially demands that we assess the situation. 


I like to inform folks, and have a good time doing it. This three part report is going to be one of the less fun, but intensely useful reports I’ll be doing. In short, there aren’t going to be a lot of laughs here, but I hope that you will find the material compelling nonetheless. Stay tuned for somewhat lighter subject matters in the future!

Coherence Verification

This assessment and report was completed using an energetic/informational research methodology that is entirely accurate. Energetic research is done using Coherence Verification (CV). This is a form of research that is done by identifying a particular concept, and then verifying its accuracy and Truthfulness through a form of quantum computation that can only be done via the human body. For those of you that haven’t been studying up on your advanced theoretical physics, a quantum computation is one where all possible solutions to a problem are considered simultaneously, instead of one at a time, as is done with standard computing. 

In short, your body is a walking calculator that is identifying what is helpful to you every nano second of every day, and we have now figured out how to use the sensitivity of that computational process to show us what is invisibly happening at the most subtle levels of our experience. This naturally occurring effect has been seen in millions of tests on hundreds of people during the last 16 years. For more information regarding Coherence Verification, feel free to check out the Inception Publishing website. You can also read The Inceptional Field Guide, which is given to all $5 and above Inception Publishing patrons on Patreon. My first three books on Coherence Verification and its use will be released over the course of the next year as well. 

Conscious Energy Verifications

Let me start out explaining the use of Coherence Verification (CV), in the analysis of human consciousness, quite plainly. Contrary to most people’s training and assumptions, the nature and quality of human consciousness and thought can be discovered and defined. Human consciousness, which I refer to as Conscious Energy (CE), is the result of four overlapping information and energetic processes (see Venn diagram below). I won’t go into these factors extensively as that is outside of the scope of this report, but here is the summary.

  1. Universal Energy
    Universal energy is the sum of the energetic and informational processes shaping the entire Universe at the time of a CV. In other words, human CE exists within a context, and that context must be taken into account as it effects each and every one of us at all times. Universal energy is kind of like the weather report, if the weather being referred to was the entire state of the Universe. 
  2. Information energy
    Information can be defined as a distinctive type of energetic structure, measurable in individual units. The information portion of consciousness can also be considered to be the degree to which intelligence is functioning as part of your thinking. You can think about it as a little like your involvement with the internet. Each day billions of bits of information are being exchanged, and those bits are little pieces of information. Each time you search for something and then read about it, or watch a video, or see a picture, you learn something. You then use that information in your communications with a friend, and then they learn something. In that process you have transformed information by integrating it into your mind, and then you’ve given it to someone else that also integrated it. You have become integrated with the original source of the information, and your friend has become integrated with you! You are now “attached” to each other through shared information, and you are both attached to the internet source. This process is part of your consciousness, and we now know how to account for that part of the consciousness “equation.”
  3. Thought energy
    This aspect of CE is the part we typically pay the most attention to, namely, our conscious thoughts. However, what has now been discovered is that thoughts are not stand alone events. Thoughts are parts of larger patterns of thinking. These patterns of related thoughts are of three types. Type one thought patterns are informational and are neutral in quality, that is to say, they have no positive or negative effect on consciousness as a whole. Type two thought patterns are the ones we generate that have some kind of fear at the core of them. These patterns of thinking are almost entirely detrimental to the mind and body, and completely restrict what is our otherwise limitless consciousness. Type three thoughts, which are less about thinking and more about information we are involving the mind in, are those that are truthful. Truthful thought involvement is always beneficial to you, and will increase CE assessment results. 
  4. Health energy
    In essence, the healthier you are, the more likely you are to have an effectively functioning consciousness. It seems obvious, but it is a factor we often neglect. When we are mentally and physically well, we generally have better experiences, and this is because our awareness and attentiveness are at better functionality levels.

So what’s all this add up to? The answer to that is simple: the Energetic Quality Level (EQL-my terminology) of human conscious energy (CE). I have constructed a scale from 0-1000 to gauge the human CE of anyone, at any time. This is a little like temperature. Temperature isn’t something that exists independently in nature, it is a measurement process with real points of demarcation, like the temperature of liquid water freezing into a solid (0º C, 32º F). The EQL scale (which will be discussed further in the future) is a measurement device like many others we use every day, but it just happens to be an accurate method of gauging consciousness quality in humans so that you can know what’s going on with yourself, or others. For our purposes in this report, we’ll be looking at the CE of people that claim to be interested in improving the state of the U.S.

Reporting Details


CV assessment report on the president-elect, Donald J. Trump, and those that are assisting him, or have been appointed as possible executive branch members. 


There exists a significant gulf in the opinions about whether Donald J. Trump and his cohorts are excellent humans with useful intentions, or something else altogether. Only CE assessments with CV allow for an accurate and objective assessment of an individual’s thoughts and consciousness. All other forms of assessment, like those that the Senate goes through in approving cabinet appointees, are simply opinions and entirely likely to be biased, or else just plain guessing.


Each person will be assessed by two measurements. One is EQL (as discussed above) and the other is by David Hawkins Map of Consciousness (or LOC). Hawkins LOC assessments have been included for long time students of consciousness assessment that are acquainted with his work. (Please note that Hawkins’ 0-1000 scale is not the same as the EQL scale. The numbers are the same, but the measurement is markedly different. For more information about Hawkins work, please see Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior from Veritas Publishing, or a synopsis of that work has been done by Ryan Weisgerber on his excellent Hug the Universe blog.) For those not acquainted with LOC, no worries. There will be a synopsis of each person’s CE. Also, after each EQL synopsis, there will be two or more true/not true statement verifications further detailing each assessment subject’s primary challenges given their position or appointment. 

Verifications completed

By Eric Burlingame the week of January 8, 2017.


I have no particular political affiliation, nor do I have any bias regarding the 2016 presidential election results. Frankly, if I was in charge of everything for a couple weeks, political parties would be eliminated in favor of objective CV assessments of all people and proposals, and something closer to a true democracy would be implemented. I do have one bias, which is that the U.S. is an amazingly cool country to live in, and it merits protection through truthfulness. 

Assessment Results

1. Donald Trump (DJT from this point) = 116 LOC; 322 EQL

DJT thinks that telling the truth, being aware of self, and responsible for his words is not helpful in any real way. At this level there is complete self-delusion, and chronic lying. There is a strong resistance to surrendering fantastical thinking, which can be seen in his acceptance of ridiculous and disprovable conspiracies. His thoughts are also essentially dominated by fear and a craving of attention that is effectively pathological. 

Specific DJT CV’s:

  • “Donald Trump has a notable desire to improve the state of the U.S.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Donald Trump has any value for the population of the U.S. as a whole.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Donald Trump’s primary motivation for the next four years is personal monetary profit.” Result: Yes.
  • “Donald Trump has any other conscious motivation for the next four years other than monetary profit.” Result: Not yes.

Observational notes
By contrast, Barack Obama is at a 300 LOC and 687 EQL. His CE is essentially dominated by hope, optimism, a positive orientation to others, and a strong sympathy. In some areas he is extremely intentional and reason based. Obama’s recent farewell speech was a 756 EQL, a level of positive intent and intelligence that DJT is currently not psychologically capable of participating in. In further contrast, Hillary Rodham Clinton is at a 257 LOC and 708 EQL. This state is one of regular objectivity in evaluating choices, and a strong desire to be consistently moral and ethical. Simply stated, she possesses the exact traits most citizens hope for in a president. 

Here are some world leader comparisons for you to consider:

  • Richard Nixon (during 1972, just prior to his resignation) = 127 LOC; 356 EQL.
    Pretty much the same as DJT, but a lot more depressed, and judgmental of others’ positions. Nixon at least had some concern for others though, which is an entirely missing capability in DJT currently.
  • Saddam Hussein (former leader of Iraq-just prior to his execution) = 116 LOC; 516 EQL.
    Also very low, but Saddam had the ability to recognize he had failed, which is something DJT cannot perceive of at the moment.
  • Vladimir Putin (current leader of Russia) = 156 LOC; 457 EQL.
    Much higher energy level than DJT, but all of that energy is spent being incredibly angry, and a completely ruthless narcissist (that is a technical determination, not an opinion, by the way). 
  • Justin Trudeau (current leader of Canada) = 277 LOC; 706 EQL.
    Quite similar to Clinton in objectivity and concern for others, but with a stronger tendency for conflict avoidance. 
  • Benito Mussolini (1940’s, Italian leader) = 116 LOC; 277 EQL.
    This is a reasonably good side-by-side comparison with DJT. The only significant difference is that Mussolini had a fairly specific belief system, while DJT has none outside of a weak belief in himself.

2. Influential Trump Family Members

A. Melania Trump (DJT’s wife) = 156 LOC; 422 EQL

Melania believes she is worthless. Self-devaluation is normal for her, and her general state is that of festering anger. She also perceives a need to control others. There is a strong resistance to expanding her sense and knowledge of herself. She has the habit of purposefully distorting facts.

Specific Melania Trump CV’s:

  • “Melania Trump has any interest in being the first lady of the U.S.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Melania Trump is supportive of DJT in any way.” Result: Not yes.

B. Ivanka Trump (DJT’s daughter) = 126 LOC; 357 EQL.

Profiting from the prostitution of others (not necessarily sexual, just using others) is a preference. The energy of resistance to relinquishing the total preoccupation with self is consistent. The predominant human emotion experienced by Ivanka is sadness due to total self-defeat. To accommodate for this sadness she attempts to fill her life with things and perceived power, but this is becoming a form of addiction. You might take note of the nearly identical CE to Nixon, noted above.

Specific Ivanka Trump CV’s:

  • “Ivanka Trump has any interest in other people.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Ivanka Trump intends to monetarily profit from her father’s presidency.” Result: Yes.

C. Eric Trump (DJT’s son) = 156 LOC; 352 EQL

Generally, this Trump is angry, but that anger in his case leads to consistent self-sabotage. With this combo, he likely fails consistently in his endeavors, but often blames his failings on other people. 

Specific Eric Trump CV’s:

  • “Eric Trump has any interest in other people.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Eric Trump intends to monetarily profit from his father’s presidency.” Result: Yes.

D. Donald Trump Jr. (DJT’s son) = 126 LOC; 326 EQL

A general refusal to accept the truth is a primary subconscious positionality. Escapism is a way of life. Consistent thinking that telling the truth and being aware of self is not helpful in any real way, is normal. This level also involves self-delusion, and chronic lying. Resistance to surrendering fantasy thinking can be a real problem. This is essentially the same level as his father, although with a greater orientation to using escapism and craving counterproductive experiences as a form of fear relief. You may have noticed in the news his predilection for murdering large animals for no reason. This is an example of this consciousness energy.

Specific Donald Trump Jr. CV’s:

  • “Donald Trump Jr. has any interest in other people.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Donald Trump Jr. intends to monetarily profit from his father’s presidency.” Result: Yes.

3. Key Trump White House Staff

A. Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus = 156 LOC; 357 EQL

See 2C above, Eric Trump. No significant difference in the CE of these two fellows. A ton of anger and failure orientation. 

Specific Reince Priebus CV’s: 

  • “Reince Priebus prefers fulfilling the role of Chief of Staff for Donald Trump.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Reince Priebus is expecting to fail at the job of Chief of Staff.” Result: Yes.
  • “Reince Priebus wants to profit from being chief of staff, but isn’t expecting to.” Result: Yes.

B. National Security Adviser: Michael Flynn = 157 LOC; 266 EQL

Spying of any sort is nearly a compulsion. There is a complete lack of concern for other humans, peppered with significant anger and devaluation of others. This is the energy that drives molestation, both physical and psychological.

Specific Michael Flynn CV’s:

  • “Michael Flynn has any value whatsoever for other Americans.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Michael Flynn enjoys hurting other people.” Result: Yes.

Observational note
The position of National Security Advisor is not a Senate confirmed position, and is one where he will be influencing Trump every day. He likes to inflict pain on others. That means his orientation will always be towards war, destruction, spying on others regardless of legality, and torture. If Trump takes his advice as the truth, which he is likely to do given DJT’s intensive fears and conspiratorial fantasies, then the U.S. could enter an era of illegality and violence never before seen. 

C. Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon = 112 LOC; 256 EQL.

Rape of any sort is a ‘go to’ approach to others, in that, he prefers to injure others through force as a form of domination. Extreme pride, self-importance and inflation of his value will be the norm. Bannon perceives himself as indispensable to Trump. Fear of the unknown is a generally dominating force in his psychological makeup. At this level a basic disconnection begins between the human body/brain, and this person’s conscious energy (consciousness). Political assassination, both through actual killing or personal attacks are often preferred and sought out at this level. Wahhabism is at this level, which is interesting as it is one of the religious positions that promotes terrorism. Substance use for entertainment or escapism is common at this level.

Specific Steve Bannon CV’s:

  • “Steve Bannon believes his views are more important than all others’ beliefs, views, or opinions.” Result: Yes.
  • “Steve Bannon values the inflicting of pain or loss on all others, above all else.” Result: Yes.
  • “Steve Bannon intends to personally profit from being in the White House and advising Trump.” Result: Yes.

D. Counselor: Kellyanne Conway = 77 LOC; 252 EQL

This is a level of unrecognized discounting of one’s life and value, and then, that discounting is reacted to unconsciously by trying to inflict doubt, pain, and suffering upon others. The choice to terrorize others is the heart of this person’s choice determinants. Many ‘suicide bombers’ are at this level of CE. This person’s unseen goal in life is to destroy others’ happiness, and systems that are based on useful values. 

Specific Kellyanne Conway CV’s:

  • “Kellyanne Conway’s primary motivation is the destruction of other people that she does not prefer.” Result: Yes.
  • “Kellyanne Conway is aware of her tendency of trying to destroy others.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Kellyanne Conway is intending to personally profit by being counselor to DJT.” Result: Yes.

Observational note
Kellyanne Conway’s consciousness level falls below the minimum levels for legal sanity (82 LOC & 252 EQL). Dylan Roof, who was just recently convicted of murdering 9 people in a church in South Carolina, has a 77 LOC and a 256 EQL, for comparison. In other words, there is literally no telling what destructive action this person is capable of executing because she isn’t what most of us would consider psychologically stable. Also, like Bannon, she too enjoys causing pain and discord amongst others, as can be seen in her nearly daily ‘gas lighting’ efforts on television and in print. For those unacquainted with that term, gas lighting is the habit of convincing people that something that was just done or said was not what actually happened. It is an attempt to essentially drive others crazy by aggressively forcing them to doubt their own experiences. To cap off the comparisons, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (current leader of ISIS) is at a 79 LOC and 306 EQL, indicating even the number one terrorist leader in the world has a few rules of conduct that Conway can’t manage. 

E. Senior White House Advisor: Jared Kushner = 116 LOC; 256 EQL

If you are starting to notice a pattern of roughly similar verification results, it’s not your imagination. While Jared Kushner may look the part of smart, young, handsome go-getter, his CE is at nearly the same level of Steve Bannon’s above, and all the same elements apply to the way he thinks, plans, and acts. I will say that with people like Bannon and Kushner, there is an additional level of secrecy and insidiousness that you aren’t likely to see in people like Conway and Flynn. Even Bashar al-Assad (current ‘leader’ of Syria) has a 127 LOC and 506 EQL, and most would agree he’s a fairly dangerous dude that has no problem murdering thousands to get what he wants. I’d personally rather have Assad pet sit for me than Kushner. 

Specific Jared Kushner CV’s:

  • “Jared Kushner has any intention in his potential role as presidential advisor other than benefitting himself financially.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Jared Kushner believes that he has any loyalty to the American people, Trump, or the U.S. Constitution.” Result: Not yes.

F. Press Secretary: Sean Spicer = 126 LOC; 322 EQL

See 2D above (Donald Trump Jr.). Again we see a general refusal to accept the truth, chronic lying, and a resistance to surrendering fantasy thinking, especially related to conspiracies against his side of the political aisle. This is also essentially the same level as DJT, give or take a few subtle methods of lying.

Specific Sean Spicer CV’s:

  • “Sean Spicer is willing to lie in his role as press secretary to hide any action or words he deems to be unflattering to the Trump administration.” Result: Yes.
  • “It is accurate to say that Sean Spicer is essentially always willing to lie.” Result: Yes.
  • “Sean Spicer is intending to personally profit by being press secretary for DJT.” Result: Yes.


The essential takeaway from the first portion of this report is twofold. 

First, as the old saying goes, “Like attracts like.” In other words, people choosing to be at extremely low CE levels, will attract, find, and support each other. DJT prefers lying, making up stories that lead to the destruction of others, and self-aggrandizement. He has subsequently taught his offspring to value the same destructive tendencies, and then surrounded himself with others of a similar or more destructive CE level. This mutual support process allows DJT to exist in an imaginary world of conspiracies, lies, and perceived enemies all around him. Also, because nearly everyone involved in his inner circle is looking to personally profit in some way, his desire to profit from the presidency will also be reinforced. This will likely lead to decision making processes that are not supportive of the U.S. at all, and could even lead to what is often called a, “constitutional crisis.” Suffice it to say, the next four years will be a fundamental test of the U.S. system of democracy, and the checks and balances we rely upon. 

Second, people who are quite psychologically ill are about to occupy, direct, and speak for one of the most influential executive offices in the world. Profit is the only motivation and intention for DJT, his adult children, and many others he is attracting to his circle of grift. The few that aren’t interested in profit, are so unhealthy, that destruction of others, and possibly the very function of the U.S., is the primary motivation. 

In the last sixteen years I have assessed the conscious energy of thousands of individuals, scores of organizations, and hundreds of companies. I have seen the most effective, and the most counterproductive people and processes in the world. In that time, I can honestly say that I have yet to see a more potentially destructive group of human beings in a significant organization, never mind the executive branch of the U.S., than I am seeing in the incoming Trump organization. Please be clear, this is not hyperbole at all. This is a statement of fact. 

In next week’s second part of this report I’ll be examining the CE of members of the Trump appointees to cabinet level, and other significant administrative positions. So, there is more of this “interesting” content for you to look forward to! Meanwhile, I am looking forward to your questions and comments. 

The Truth Value of this report is 70.8%

This indicates completely verified facts, and accuracy that is of general truthfulness regarding the specified group being assessed. This report has fundamental value to everyone reading it, and is free of opinion. This is the highest possible Truth Value for a specific group of people in a particular context, which is the office of the President of the U.S., in this case.