All the New Rage, That's Old

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There's a Wave Building

Periodically I notice trends developing. A news report here, a blog post there, a speech or a tweet that gets people's hackles raised. There are clues everywhere. Trends are sometimes difficult to see amidst the barrage of information we are offered every day through a zillion outlets. I'm in the pattern recognition business though, so I keep my "spidey senses" tuned for them, and when they start to crest, I make an effort to notify my people. Since you are my people, I'm here to notify you.

The New Trend, That's Not New

When I begin to sense a social, political, or consciousness pattern developing I start to dissect it by looking at distinctive shifts in the words and actions of key participants. In the last couple weeks in the US (and somewhat in other parts of the world), some distinctive shifts happened. Donald Trump (no, I do not choose to use the term "president") decided to equivocate racist activities in Charlottesville, and treat them as though they were no big deal. Then he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff notorious for inhumane, wartime tactics used against undocumented immigrants and others. Trump also pumped a book by extremist sheriff David Clarke, Jr., went to verbal battle with North Korea, and decided that nearly 800,000 people living in the US under DACA weren't valuable enough as humans to be citizens. Sure, he ditched a number of the overt racists and hostile players in the White House after some prompting from his new chief of staff, but then he started to ramp up the hostile rhetoric against, well, everyone that wasn't a Trump sycophant.

Something was shifting in Washington, D.C., but that wasn't the only place that's been happening. I've seen Iran getting quite belligerent (more so than usual). I've seen North Korea shooting off everything they could attach a rocket to. I've seen white supremacists hanging out on camera, and running the US Department of Justice. I've seen Israelis grabbing more land, and nationalistic edginess across the globe. There is an upheaval for sure, but what seems like a new round of sea to shining sea conflicts, also felt to me to be very old. I couldn't quite put my finger on it though, so you know what that means…time to break out the Coherence Verification!

(Zip! Bang! Pow!)

After detailed Coherence Verification assessments of some problematic national and international persons (which I'll highlight for you below), I was able to to clarify that a theme of loss and grievance has reared its ugly head once again, and in a way that we haven't seen in some time, but we have seen many times before. Human progress and evolution moves in fits and starts, with occasional periods when those being surpassed mount intense resistance efforts. It happened in Germany in the 1930's, and that was a messy result for sure. We've seen it throughout the world every time racism begins to be eliminated, notably in the 1960's in the US. We've seen it in the 18th and 19th centuries as monarchs began to be replaced by democracies. We've seen it in the last century as the power of institutionalized religions begins to be replaced by movements emphasizing compassion instead of condemnation.

There's conflict in this push back though, and this push back can become a harrowing trend when we aren't fully aware of it. The trends may start quietly though, so how do we know if they are beginning to become serious problems? My solution is to look at the consciousness levels of those in positions of influence and "leadership." The theory here is simple: If the people at the top are part of the the low level of consciousness problem, then that infection will spread with additional force and speed to those who are insufficiently self-aware, and lead fear dominated lives.

Stated differently, when fear is the significant factor in the opinion creation and decision making of a significant part of a population,then a fear focused head of state or person of influence will be able to move that population in the direction of blame, hatred, selfism, nationalism, racism, and violence. It's really that simple. So, what does the consciousness and the major thought patterns of well known and influential people look like right now?

The Trendy Guys

Below are the current consciousness levels (as of September 15, 2017) of 12 well known US and international heads of state, governmental figures, and movement leaders, with one exception (Jefferson Davis, added for historical reference). As I've done before, I'll be using the Energetic Quality Level map I have developed for this purpose, as well as consciousness calibration levels per David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness.

For a detailed explanation of this process, please jump over to my prior post, Donald Trump and Friends, Part 1.

If you just want to get to the heart of the matter without a ton of effort, ignore the numbers and just read the written summation after each person's verification results for an understanding of what is currently driving their thoughts and choices.

Donald Trump, counting to four.

Donald Trump, counting to four.

Donald J. Trump LOC = 77; EQL = 231 (-39 LOC; -91 EQL since Jan. 2017).

The key focus at this level is blame. Trump has become ever more focused on blaming others for, well, everything he doesn't like, which could be anything on any given day. Literally his entire conscious and unconscious thought process is dominated by a need to blame. There is no room for personal responsibility. There is no option for objective assessment. There is no space made for forgiveness. Ultimately, Trump perceives threats all around him to what he values, and is ready to take anyone down that he imagines will further exacerbate his self-generated pain. I'd like to point out too (and not for sympathetic reasons) that this is a chronically and painfully sad human. This is also the level of grief, and he is likely imagining that what little positive regard he previously had, is ultimately slipping away. He is probably going to fight with everything he has to avoid this fate, regardless of the fact that he is unconsciously expecting it. In order to put up that fight, he'll need allies. Enter the misuse of the presidential pardon.

Joe Arpaio holding his favorite kind of pajama party.

Joe Arpaio holding his favorite kind of pajama party.

Joseph M. Arpaio LOC = 71; EQL = 210.

This man was recently pardoned by Trump for flagrantly violating the law, and the dictates of the judicial system. In other words, this former sheriff was convicted by the very legal system he swore to uphold. At this level of consciousness though, he's entirely unlikely to be bothered by that as his psychological process is one of elimination, and destruction. His total focus is on what he can destroy. If you are in his way, less than desirable by his determination, or less than valuable by his standards, then you are worth destroying. Arpaio too can be said to be "grief stricken," but instead of rolling up into the fetal position in the corner of his bedroom with a bottle of gin, he chooses to make everyone pay for what he self-righteously decides has been taken from him. Needless to say, Arpaio is exactly the kind of guy Trump wants on his side because of their similar value of attachment to hateful marginalization of others, and the displacing of blame onto others when in fact, they hold primary responsibility for their sadness ridden lives.

David Clakre, Jr., posing as a third world dictator at the 2016 Republican Convention.

David Clakre, Jr., posing as a third world dictator at the 2016 Republican Convention.

David Clarke Jr. LOC = 71; EQL = 192.

This former Wisconsin sheriff was added to the list in order to exhibit the level of psychological illness that law enforcement can descend into, and get you to consciously consider how that does effect people's lives every day. You'll notice the similarity of the consciousness level to Arpaio, and indeed, all the Trump and Arpaio fears mentioned above are also frolicking in Clarke's mind. There is one peculiar twist in this case. Clarke has what we call "black" skin (I'm not a fan of calling certain people a certain color as that implies differentiation between humans, which is not a thing that exists), but he is ashamed of it (repeatedly verified as true for this article). This self-shaming has turned him against himself in the most basic ways. As this shame is too much to tolerate psychologically, he has developed an alternate persona that he prefers, which is the tough talking, blame everyone else, do whatever you can to be accepted by the racists attitude. This is no hyperbole. It is the subtle, unconscious agenda he has had for decades that has become more severely extreme as he has received praise from those also intent on blaming and destroying others. Trump's recent endorsement of Clarke's book was likely a pinnacle moment in Clarke's mind.

Richard B. Spencer, hosting a right wing Luau in Charlottesville.

Richard B. Spencer, hosting a right wing Luau in Charlottesville.

Richard B. Spencer LOC = 72; EQL = 191.

One of the recent megaphones in the white supremacy movement is Richard Spencer. A quick Googling of his name will bring up some impressively dark material, as well as assertive support for Trump. Spencer has a similar consciousness level as others in this list (ironically almost identical to Clarke's), but in his case there is the added element of nearly clinical megalomania. He has figured out that he can use others in the white supremacy cause for his own aggrandizement and national recognition, and he's soaking them for all their worth. There are significant elements in his thoughts of consistent hidden agendas, and a desire to have others use violence in his cause while he remains conveniently distant from it to avoid prosecution. Essentially you have someone retooling the worn out, old white grievance trope in order to gain prominence, influence, and the pay back he believes he is owed because of all that he thinks he's lost.

David Duke, nothing funny about this guy.

David Duke, nothing funny about this guy.

David Duke LOC = 66; EQL = 142.

While one of America's favorite white supremacists may have once had the kind of stamina that Spencer has now, his consciousness level is collapsing slowly over time into utter pessimism, total refusal to accept any responsibility for anything, and further isolation. This collapse does not however mean he's likely to just give up his dream of absolute white rule any time soon. Rather, this consciousness level will seem to further isolate and separate from anything it deems as undesirable. Further racial separation would be preferred by Duke at this point, and it's obvious from recent rhetoric that he's hoping Trump can deliver that for him and his ilk.

Ali Khamenei, he's disappointed in you.

Ali Khamenei, he's disappointed in you.

Ali Khamenei LOC = 71: EQL = 162.

Khamenei, as the nearly dictatorial leader of Iran's 80 million citizens, and the most significant Shi‘ite leader in the world, has considerable influence globally. This is troubling given that his consciousness level supports and actively justifies the passing of laws that oppress people, considerable grievance attitudes, dominating others through fear, and continuing strict caste like systems. None of this is news to astute observers of Iran's ruling class and recent history, but it is novel to see how perfectly matched his consciousness is to the exact results we see taking place there. In other words, if you want to see what this kind of consciousness looks like when it is allowed to play out fully in national leadership, look no further than Iran or North Korea.

Kim Jong-un, he says it tastes like chicken!

Kim Jong-un, he says it tastes like chicken!

Kim Jong-un LOC = 71; EQL = 162.

While Kim Jong-un may be leading a closed off, communistic, cult-like dictatorship that looks very different from Iran's virtual religious dictatorship, both regime's choices stem from the same consciousness quality. Domination through fear, threat, and caste are critical to both leaders' grip on the throats of their nations, as are the attempts to threaten others, as we have seen with both leaders purposefully sacrificing peace possibilities and the health of their people in order to pursue nuclear armament. Kim perceives everything as a life and death struggle with other nations that are always seeking to destroy him and his forceful grip on his people. This, again, is a constant orientation to fear of loss, and blame of others for the difficulties created primarily by one's self.

Steve Bannon, back at Breitbart, his "precious."

Steve Bannon, back at Breitbart, his "precious."

Steve Bannon LOC = 76; EQL = 202. (-36 LOC; -54 EQL since Jan. 2017)

Since initially calibrating Bannon's consciousness level in January of this year, he (and most others associated with Trump) has dropped even further. Bannon has moved from just wanting to take full advantage of others and his temporary position of influence over Trump, to being completely preoccupied with all the losses and fears he justifies. He has also descended into full time racism after an extended time period of only dabbling part time in his white supremacy fantasies. Racism has a very distinctive consciousness level when it is internally cultivated, and it now appears that he is watering that pernicious garden daily. Also, this is the consciousness level of someone that prefers to purposefully tell truthless lies that are potentially harmful, and maybe even lethal to those that believe them. Now that he's back on his roost at Breitbart, he should have plenty of opportunity to harm lots of people. That should make him a 'happy' man.

Jeff Sessions, feeling super good about all his recent decisions.

Jeff Sessions, feeling super good about all his recent decisions.

Jefferson B. Sessions LOC = 61; EQL = 196. (-50 LOC; -61 EQL since Jan. 2017)

I've been doing consciousness assessment work for a long time, and I have rarely seen such a precipitous drop as Sessions has created since early this year. If I didn't know anything at all about the US Attorney General, and saw these numbers, I'd be curious if some brain damage hadn't occurred. Sessions, like Bannon, is further falling into racist tendencies, distorting reality, and the general blame of others for his perceived losses. With Sessions, there is the added fun of a general experience of shame for his entire existence. In this state he has fallen below a critical threshold of feeling amped up enough to forcefully go after those he blames, and could begin to descend into apathy.

Jefferson Davis, president of treason, slavery, racism, and extreme entitlement...for 4 years.

Jefferson Davis, president of treason, slavery, racism, and extreme entitlement...for 4 years.

Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederate States of America) LOC = 72; EQL = 206.

I wanted to add this one historic reference for perspective, and to reinforce the fact that what we are seeing more of lately, really isn't new at all. The current destructive trend is nearly as old as "…them thar hills." Davis' consciousness level was nearly identical to what Bannon's is now, and in the ballpark of many others in our All Star list here. We may not be as evolved from the American Civil War as we'd like to think (collectively speaking of course - I'm sure you are nearly enlightened by now).

Benjamin Netanyahu, counting to two.

Benjamin Netanyahu, counting to two.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) LOC = 81; EQL = 197.

Another Trump supporter in the early days was the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. With this extremely limited consciousness level it's easy to see how he found some kinship with Trump. Both men share a desire to lie no matter who it hurts, and as long as it supports their self-serving agenda and reflexive blame of others. I included Netanyahu to again point out this wave of loss oriented, deeply fearful leaders that have come to power of late, and who spend much of their time threatening each other like frightened bullies on a playground. The serious problem with this fearfulness is that it is backed with the most destructive arms the world has ever known, and little regard for humanity.

Eric Dreiband, trying to explain how civil rights are entirely unnecessary.

Eric Dreiband, trying to explain how civil rights are entirely unnecessary.

Eric Dreiband (Trump nominee to lead the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice) LOC = 76; EQL = 326.

Finally, a possible new addition to the Trump cavalcade of loss addicts, is Eric Dreiband. He has just a little more energy than some of the rest on this list, but that extra juice is preoccupied with thinking that telling the truth and being aware of self is not helpful in any real way. This consciousness level also involves self-delusion, and occasional lying, as well as the curious preference for dictatorship as a political system. My real concern is that someone of this consciousness quality has no ability to fundamentally value other humans, and so his possible leading of the Civil Rights Division is essentially anathema. However, if you look at all of the major Trump era appointments, you'll find the same theme: destroy that which supports others that need support. So, Dreiband should fit in nicely with the Trump allies if appointed.

Sensing a theme in consciousness levels yet? In case you think I've cherry picked people with similarly limited levels of consciousness just to prove my point, I'd like to confirm that I haven't. I really just picked some of the top names in the news over the course of a week or so when it dawned on me this trend was cresting.

When a Fear Habit Turns into Trendy Sadism

After seeing that cavalcade of yuckiness we could just leave the discussion there and say, "OK, the world is screwed." It does make one wonder though, how does this degradation of the mind and thoughts of a human being happen? My operational theory is that the more we are able to understand the collapse of human thought and function, the more we are able to individually avoid it, and thus, collectively move beyond this kind of de-evolution. Let's take a look at it briefly to obtain that understanding.

There is a sequence that very often occurs in humans when we begin to imagine that we are losing everything, or at least much of what we value. (Please note that what we value may not actually be of verifiable human benefit. What we perceive we are losing simply needs to be valued by us.) The sequence begins when a person imagines that there is something in life to lose. This misperception often begins early in life as we are taught that possession, ownership, and material things are of essential value, and the removal of those things is somehow a danger to or a lessening of self, and a threat to happiness. This loss threat then becomes extrapolated to also include aspects of the self like intelligence, appearance, and positive regard from others. As we become older, the things and states we inaccurately believe we possess, accumulate to include respect, reputation, and even what we call love. When any one of these countless states or things is seemingly missing, we believe there is loss, and thus, there is less of us and a greater threat to our well being.

Perceived loss, and the constant, grinding fear of further loss seems to require action to resolve the threat, and so we become needy and angered. The basic misperception is that our well being comes from external sources, like things and other people, and this drives us to believe that the reason for the perceived loss must also come from outside.

So, the need for action turns into the blame game. Anger fueled blame can only be fully sustained for limited time periods though, as the body and brain begin to become too stressed, and can malfunction. Ironically, this blame of others and unsupportable stress leads to further separation perceptions. When we imagine and feel even further separated from others, and those states and things we think are vital for survival and thriving, we then feel intensely marginalized, or else enraged and in need of retribution.

This becomes an intensive cycle that redundantly repeats, becomes obsession, and must be escaped. However, because the mess is entirely self-created and self-imposed, only the individual can release themselves. If that choice is refused in order to maintenance the world view that loss is real, then responsibility becomes entirely avoided, and a repression pattern is habituated. We imagine we are never responsible for our distress, and someone else or some group must be attacked so that the pain of chronic loss can be conquered and stopped.

Who's to blame for the pain in this cycle? Whoever is imagined to be at fault, of course. A spouse, the kids, a friend, the government, "the man," the blacks, the whites, the immigrants, the older people, the younger people, the gays, the straights, the women, the men, the pollution, the evil spirits, the religions, the rats, the mosquitos, the viruses, the cancers, the food, the water, the politicians, the criminals, the rich, the poor, the system, the gods, and the aliens.

Take your pick.

As long as you perceive loss as a thing that's a threat, you'll manage to find a supposed guilty party. If you can't find a supposed guilty party or alleged cause right away, then it's time to find the secret conspiracy of bad people and things that threatens you. The mob, the Freemasons, the Jews, the billionaires, the banks, the pharmaceutical companies, the big ag companies, the insurance companies, the CIA, the NSA, the GRU, the Russians, the Americans, the Wall Street tycoons, the Devil, and again, the gods and the aliens.

I wish I could have invested in the "conspiracy theory industry" ten years ago. I would be rich now. Of course, then I'm sure I'd be pegged as one of the secret society members seeking to keep the little guy down through mass societal, news, financial, and food manipulation, who meet semi-annually in Switzerland to plan further mind control, with the aliens of course.

Anyway, moving along.

The Dark Hipsters

To recap, there is a definitive and fairly straight line between the fear and perception of loss, and the perceived need to attack some "other" for the supposed purpose of discontinuing the losing. I'd also like to note that this straight line exists partly because there is also an energetic straight line. In other words (and we won't get into this too deeply here) a sense of loss, grief, deprivation, insult, oppression, and threat of further damage, all operate within a distinctive bioelectrical bandwidth that codetermines the quality of one's consciousness, and thus, the quality and nature of one's thoughts and choices. It's really a physics problem at the most basic level. When you believe in loss, and you regularly imagine you are losing, then you'll eventually put the brain and body in a particularly challenged state which ultimately warps thought, and deludes the mind. Let me make this entirely clear:

Fear of loss, and the belief that you are regularly losing, is effectively a self-induced illness.

When this illness takes hold, your internal experience becomes a self-terrorizing horror show. When that happens, one of three things will occur:

A. You will get so physically ill (autoimmune disorders and cancers are common) that you will not be able to function very well, and you will usually become a burden to those around you, and society.

B. You will crash further into limited perspectives, become painfully overwhelmed, and likely commit suicide assertively, or through passive means like substance abuse.

C. You will choose to try to overcome your self-created fear-based nightmare, by consistently attacking others. You will turn your internal terrorist, into an external terrorist of others.

Option C is what the 12 people above are doing. No more, no less. They have chosen to blame others, thus justifying their obsession with terrorizing others.

Arpaio & Clarke blamed and terrorized hispanic immigrants, Americans with darker skin color, and those convicted of crimes.

Spencer and Duke want to blame and terrorize anyone who's skin isn't pale.

Khamenei and Kim like terrorizing their own people, and have designs on blaming and terrorizing more.

Sessions and Dreiband want to blame and terrorize people with the legal system, and the forceful application of immoral rules.

Bannon and Trump actively blame, attack, and terrorize those that do not agree with them.

No matter what the environment or method of blame and attack, the consciousness level and motivation of these kinds of people is always the same. They believe a falsehood, and allow that falsehood to dominate the totality of their being. The falsehood is clear and distinctive, and we would all do well to eliminate it from our own lives if we do not prefer to become the terrorists we most dislike.

Fear of and focus on loss have become a temporary trend, for the umpteenth time in human history. Each time it does, we have the opportunity to see it for what it is, and eliminate it personally, and socially. We also have the opportunity to join the dark "loss hipsters" in the perpetuation of the blame, hostility, separation, pain, and violence that arises directly from this damaged and errant belief system.

It seems to me that this is a good time to not be trendy.

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