Coherence Verification Report: Donald Trump & Friends, Part 2

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Thanks for visiting! It’s good to have you along for the adventure. This is part two of a three part post. If you haven’t read part one yet, there’s a solid chance you’ll be lost in space. So, here’s a handy link to part one if you need it. 


You’ll probably recall from part one, I didn’t really want to do this report. That being said, once I got into it, I waded in neck high. I’m what some people call a, “completist.” When I buy music, I usually buy the whole album. When I read a book, I start with the introduction and plow through until the very end. If I watch a television series, I want to see it from the pilot through to the last episode, unless it’s just terrible. I like to have the complete picture in just about everything I do. That same motivation is part of what drives me to push through to absolute truths. It’s also what motivated me to investigate the core of the Trump clan once I started to see that there were some significant craters where moral and ethical structures should be in the heart of the Trump team. So, with that in mind, I give you the results of the Coherence Verification Report on the key appointees and cabinet member preferences for the incoming Donald J. Trump (DJT) administration! Enjoy! 

Reporting Details


Coherence Verification (CV) assessment report on Donald J. Trump’s (DJT) choices for some assisting him, or that have been appointed as possible cabinet members. 
Premise: There exists a significant gulf in the opinions about whether Donald Trump and his cohorts are excellent humans with useful intentions, or something else altogether. Only Conscious Energy (consciousness) assessments with Coherence Verification allow for an accurate and objective assessment of an individual’s thoughts and consciousness. All other forms of assessment, like those that the Senate goes through in approving cabinet appointees, are simply opinions and entirely likely to be biased, or else just plain guessing.


Each person will be assessed by two measurements. One is EQL (as discussed above) and the other is by David Hawkins Map of Consciousness (or LOC). Hawkins assessments have been included for long time students of consciousness assessment that are acquainted with his work. (For more information about Hawkins work, please see Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior from Veritas Publishing, or an excellent synopsis of that work has been done by Ryan Weisgerber in his enlightening Hug the Universe blog.) For those not acquainted with LOC, no worries. There will be a synopsis of each person’s Conscious Energy (CE). Also, after each EQL synopsis there will be two or more true/not true statement verifications further detailing each assessment subject’s primary challenges. 

Verifications completed

By Eric Burlingame January 8-15, 2017.


I have no particular political affiliation, nor do I have any bias regarding the 2016 presidential election results. Frankly, if I was in charge of everything for a couple weeks, political parties would be eliminated in favor of objective CV assessments of all people and proposals, and something closer to a true democracy would be implemented. I do have one bias, which is that the U.S. is an amazingly cool country to live in, and it merits protection through truthfulness. 

Assessment Results of Appointees to Critical Federal Departments & Cabinet

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson = 156 LOC; 326 EQL

Much like DJT, Tillerson is functioning under the ignorant delusion that telling the truth and being self-aware is not helpful in any significant way. Unlike Trump, Tillerson reacts to his massive fears with anger, hatred, and hidden derision. Put differently, the man who may be most responsible for keeping the U.S. out of international conflicts over the next four years, is approaching his life and work valuing fear, anger, and the habit of lying, all without any real desire to examine whether that approach is useful for the nation.

Specific Rex Tillerson CV’s:

  • “Rex Tillerson has any interest in international peacefulness.” Result: Not yes
  • “Rex Tillerson intends to advance the monetary interests of the U.S. as the Secretary of State.” Result: Yes
  • “Rex Tillerson has other intentions as the Secretary of State other than advancing the monetary interests of the U.S.” Result: Not yes
  • “Rex Tillerson believes that the wealth of a country is most vital to its advancement and stability.” Result: Yes

Observational notes
Tillerson’s lack of self-awareness and examination of beliefs or thought processes is a habit quite rampant in the list of DJT advisors and proposed executive branch leaders, but there is a significant requirement for self-awareness in affairs of state, because peace cannot be attained without the recognition of motivations of self and others. The outgoing Secretary of State, John Kerry has an LOC of 256 and a 677 EQL. With Kerry you have a strong support for the U.S. interests, a neutrality of consciousness, and a hopefulness for the future and for peacefulness. Kerry is also self-evaluative, and so learning, evolution, and adjustment is possible. Tillerson has no such capacity for these valuable processes, and even worse, no marked interest in them. 

Additionally, without the ability to self-evaluate in order to morally and intellectually evolve, Tillerson will essentially bring his habits from being the CEO of Exxon into the job of Secretary of State. This will result in a “bottom line” orientation to international affairs. His decision making process is likely to end up being the same ‘win-lose’ attitude that he has had for decades, in that, he will work towards what will enrich the U.S. government and corporations, regardless of how policies and treaties end up hurting those in other countries. This is exactly the kind of attitude that has resulted in the types of U.S. hating that have us fighting economic and terrorism battles on countless fronts around the world. Note that when conflicts arise against the U.S. because of policies of greed, the general result has been that the military is sent to deal with them. That means men and women on both sides of the conflict die in order to make some people rich. 

Secretary of Defense: James N. Mattis = 176 LOC; 356 EQL

Attacking others for beliefs or ideals is entirely common at this level, which is probably how Mattis earned the nickname “mad dog.” Mattis has a strong survival orientation, but that has lead to a preoccupation with death and killing. Killing a human, regardless of reason or circumstance, is entirely justifiable at this level. Mattis’ attitude can be summed up as ‘kill or be killed’. This is exceptionally exacerbated by an extreme pridefulness that results in perceiving one’s position as inordinately demanding, and a broad emotional suppression that blinds one to bias and hidden hatreds. 

Specific James N. Mattis CV’s:

  • “James N. Mattis believes that U.S. military domination is the only pathway to a stable U.S., and a world without significant conflict.” Result: Yes
  • “James N. Mattis is interested in creating a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world.” Result: Not yes
  • “James N. Mattis believes that all countries should follow the same governmental structure as the U.S.” Result: Yes
  • “James N. Mattis likes seeing people he disagrees with being killed.” Result: Yes

Observational notes
Uhhh…this fellow is basically every negative, one dimensional stereotype of a military lifer that has ever been created, all rolled into one person. The “might is right” positionality, mixed with a total belief that the U.S. is the end all, be all, flavored with significant emotional suppression has lead Mattis to become someone that is so grossly limited in creative thought, he can only orient to killing others as a vocation, a skewed moral system, a life, and a hobby (he’s supposedly revered as a “scholar” soldier). While famous military generals like Patton were often defined by their edginess and narcissism, Mattis represents an even more problematic category of military persona; the unconscious true believer. His thought processes will always begin with what it takes to crush the opposition, dominate the field, and install the ‘right’ way of thinking. The energy of that thought process is fueled entirely by fear of others. 

Secretary of the Treasury: Steven Mnuchin = 111 LOC; 262 EQL

Joining the likes of Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, and Kellyanne Conway at the absolute bottom of the Trump barrel of horrors, is Steve Mnuchin. Again we see a complete lack of concern for others, a penchant for spying on others, and some intense despise of, well, everyone, including DJT. At this level, Mnuchin’s entire thought process will be driven by what he can gain, and if he can hurt others in the process of getting what he wants, even better. This fellow could completely reverse the financial stability that has been achieved in the U.S. over the last eight years. This is exceptionally problematic because the world economy is still in a very transitory and unstable state. 

Specific Steven Mnuchin CV’s:

  • “Steven Mnuchin has any intention in his potential role as Secretary of the Treasury, other than benefitting himself financially.” Result: Not yes
  • “Steven Mnuchin believes that he should be loyal to the American people, Trump, or the U.S. Constitution.” Result: Not yes
  • “Steven Mnuchin is currently planning methods by which he can profit from changes he is allowed to make in U.S. economic policy, regardless of how those changes may hurt most people in the U.S.” Result: Yes

Observational notes
Once again we see a person at such a low level of consciousness that moral and ethical choices aren’t even in his list of decision making considerations. Mnuchin literally meets all the standard cliches of the financial industry bad guy. The critical thing to be aware of here is that changes to U.S. financial policy can have years, even decades of negative consequences for the entire world, but those consequences can often be entirely avoided by the millionaires and billionaires. In other words, someone like Mnuchin has the money and resources to literally plan a massive shift in economic processes that benefit him and his ilk, while causing the rest of us to pay for that benefit indefinitely. It is people with levels of consciousness like Mnuchin that generated the world depression of the 1930’s, and thrust the entire world into another world war. 

Homeland Security Director: John F. Kelly = 176 LOC; 454 EQL

While not reaching the full clinical definitions of a narcissist, John F. Kelly does exhibit anti-social tendencies, a disregard for others, an intense ruthlessness, and supreme pridefulness. Putting this person in charge of one of the largest governmental organizations in the world, is like giving an unlimited supply of cocaine to an addict, along with a pill to keep him from ever overdosing. I admit that Kelly has one of the higher CE states of the DJT clan, but he is not even able to manage basic integrity at this level, and all decisions he makes will be processed by a brain that needs validation, agreement, and submission in order to allay imaginary fears. 

Specific John F. Kelly CV’s:

  • “John F. Kelly has specified intentions for what he will do if he becomes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) director.” Result: Not yes
  • “John F. Kelly wants the job as head of DHS.” Result: Not yes
  • “John F. Kelly thinks it would demean him to have to do the job as head of DHS.” Result: Yes

Observational notes
Kelly really shouldn’t get this job, because he doesn’t want it. Putting a prideful person in a position that they have no respect for is a recipe for practical disaster, and disillusionment on the part of career people in that department that care about the work. If he doesn’t really want the job, he shouldn’t take it, but there is no way his pride will allow him to say ‘no’ to the position once offered because of the job’s perceived importance. I have also noticed that in news broadcasts and in the Congress, people keep bringing up the fact that Kelly’s son, also a Marine, was killed by a landmine in Afghanistan in 2010, as though that makes Kelly somehow more qualified for DHS job. That is patently bizarre reasoning. The death of a son is not a resumé qualification, no matter how and where it occurred. While I am sensitive to any pain Kelly may feel, that does not have anything to do with whether he is consciously fit for one of the most important positions in the executive branch.

CIA Director: Mike Pompeo = 126 LOC; 357 EQL

I think what is important with Pompeo is that he has schizoid tendencies that are undiagnosed. This is difficult for most to tell, so it’s understandable that it isn’t being noticed in public. The problem is likely to become worse over time, and with the increased stress of being CIA director. This condition is made more severe by suppressed sadness, severe selfism, and a need to attack others for their ideals as a form of proactive defense of his own selfishness. There is (as we saw with Mattis above) a significant survival mentality because of the extensive number of fears that Pompeo imagines. For perspective, we must ask whether the U.S. really wants a man with no ability to generate integrity (except when he deems it valuable to himself), is emotionally retarded at about age 14, and has an undiagnosed mental illness, running one of the the most secret paramilitary organizations in the world. 

Specific Mike Pompeo CV’s:

  • “Mike Pompeo is willing to lie in his role as CIA director to hide any action or words he deems to be unflattering to the Trump administration or himself.” Result: Yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Mike Pompeo is essentially always willing to lie.” Result: Yes
  • “Mike Pompeo is intending to personally profit by being CIA director.” Result: Yes

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions = 111 LOC; 256 EQL

Well, Sessions wins for having the lowest CE of all of the DJT performance troupe, while still being clinically sane! Extreme pride, self-importance and inflation of his value will be the norm, as is the case with Steve Bannon. Sessions perceives himself to be indispensable to Trump. Fear of the unknown is a generally dominating force in his psychological makeup. At this level a basic disconnection begins between the human body/brain, and Session’s conscious energy (consciousness). Political assassination, both through actual killing or personal attacks are often preferred and sought out at this level. Ironically, Sessions also believes the Bible should be taken literally, which would mean he’s supposed to be a completely different human than he is. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. 

Specific Jeff Sessions CV’s:

  • “Jeff Sessions is willing to lie in his role as Attorney General to attack anyone he deems to be a threat to the Trump administration or himself.” Result: Yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Jeff Sessions is always willing to lie to get what he wants.” Result: Yes
  • “Jeff Sessions is intending to illegally profit by being Attorney General.” Result: Yes
  • “Jeff Sessions believes that all black and brown skinned people are inferior to white skinned people.” Result: Yes

Observational notes:
In case you were wondering if all the racism claims about Sessions are true (aside from many of his words and actions in the past), the answer is yes. I haven’t touched on that issue much for the rest of the DJT All Stars, but many are functioning with such a complete and total disregard for other humans, that you can bet there is some racism sprinkled liberally throughout the rest. Either that, or they hate all humans with equal regard, which is both fair, and horrible.

On a more human note, I would like to point out that a guy like Sessions is racked with fear. At this health threatening CE level, there are boogey men around every corner, and nearly anything people say or do can be perceived as a threat due to the complete misuse of his imagination. This drives extreme and untrustworthy choices that ultimately lead to these fearful folks becoming exactly the monsters that they most fear. This is, again, not a statement of judgment, but a physical and historical fact. 

Secretary of Labor: Andrew F. Puzder = 156 LOC; 267 EQL

These are nearly identical numbers to Micheal Flynn seen in part one of this report. Always spying on others is acceptable, anger is used as a reaction to constant fears, and there is a total disregard for others. This man does not care who is hurt in the process of accomplishing what he wants.

Specific Andrew F. Puzder CV’s:

  • “Andrew F. Puzder has any value whatsoever for other Americans.” Result: Not yes
  • “Andrew F. Puzder enjoys hurting other people.” Result: Yes
  • “Andrew F. Puzder intends to personally profit from being in the White House and advising Trump.” Result: Yes

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Price = 167 LOC; 557 EQL

Tom Price is one of the few people in the DJT crew that resembles a regular person, as opposed to a comic book super villain. He struggles with a lot of the same issues you might struggle with in your life, like consistent frustration and anger, and being secretive regarding things you are embarrassed by. He is also preoccupied with fairness, but know that your idea of what is fair may be drastically different than his. For example Price does not believe it is fair that wealthy people contribute taxes to support the federal or state governmental systems that help the medically uninsured (verifies as true). This is, of course, completely in opposition to the position he is being nominated for. 

Specific Tom Price CV’s:

  • “Tom Price intends to at least partially dismantle the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).” Result: Yes
  • “Tom Price has been nominated to the Secretary of HHS for the express purpose of at least partially dismantling HHS.” Result: Yes
  • “Tom Price has any concern for the general health of Americans.” Result: Not yes
  • “Tom Price is fully intending to find ways to profit from his position as Secretary of HHS.” Result: Yes

Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry = 117 LOC; 256 EQL

And back down we go to one of the most destructive people in DJT land. Perry is one of 6 people in the DJT top brass in this immediate CE range, indicating that this low level could also become the level that some of the others at higher levels could sink to in short order. People at this level (as noted with Sessions above) function with extreme self-importance, although in Perry’s case, he doesn’t see himself (or cares about) being indispensable. Fear of the unknown (which is really anything in the future) is an overwhelming influence for Perry, which might explain his mix of neediness energy, with Biblical literalism. 

Specific Rick Perry CV’s:

  • “Rick Perry is willing to lie in his role as Secretary of Energy.” Result: Yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Rick Perry is always willing to lie to get what he wants.” Result: Yes
  • “Rick Perry is intending to illegally profit by being Secretary of Energy.” Result: Yes
  • “Rick Perry believes that all black and brown skinned people are inferior to white skinned people.” Result: Yes

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson = 126 LOC; 266 EQL

Carson is a man almost completely defined by perceived need and craving. Need for attention, need for money, need for approval, and need for forgiveness. Desire supersedes nearly every other impulse, and in this CE level there can be the desire to sexually molest others. Carson shows a predilection for regularly turning this possibility over in his imagination, but is unlikely to physically act it out due to his need to hold onto what he has, and the fear he would be caught. The irony in his appointment, is that he would be helping people in actual need, versus perceived need. This will be a problem as he also appears to have no distinctive concern for others.

Specific Ben Carson CV’s:

  • “Ben Carson is willing to help others in his role as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).” Result: Not yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Ben Carson is always willing to lie to get what he wants.” Result: Yes
  • “Ben Carson is intending to illegally profit by being Secretary of HUD.” Result: Yes
  • “Ben Carson believes that HUD should be dismantled.” Result: Not yes

Observational notes
With Ben Carson, and others in this list, there can be an assumption that their professional accomplishments, seeming intellectual capability, and public status, are strong attributes. This is theoretically accurate, but all these factors are effectively negated by the dominant quality of their consciousness. In other words, Carson may have been an accomplished and effective neurosurgeon, but his stunningly low EQL/LOC is what drives his decisions, not the intellect. The intellectual capacity of a person will always be over ridden by the energetic factors because they are more powerful than a firm grip on facts, and in most cases, more long standing thought habits and personality drivers. 

Environmental Protection Agency: Scott Pruitt = 111 LOC; 266 EQL

I won’t belabor the points of CE messiness in this range as I’m sure you are getting the point by now. Just know that Pruitt has no concern for others, and the entire role of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to preserve the health of all by preserving the environment. It is psychologically impossible for Pruitt to function with any level of integrity in the position of EPA head. 

Specific Scott Pruitt CV’s:

  • “Scott Pruitt would like to destroy the EPA.” Result: Yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Scott Pruitt is always willing to lie to get what he wants, including the destruction of the EPA.” Result: Yes
  • “Scott Pruitt is intending to illegally profit by being the head of the EPA.” Result: Yes
  • “Scott Pruitt has been nominated to lead the EPA for the express purpose of at least partially dismantling it.” Result: Yes
  • “Scott Pruitt values accurate scientific results in his assessments of the value of EPA regulations.” Result: Not yes

Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross = 113 LOC; 277 EQL

Wilbur Ross isn’t concerned with the human health, and that includes the economic health, of the average American. Domination of others can be important to him, and his orientation to business can be likened to that of an organized crime boss. Like many in the incoming administration, Ross is a hazard to America generally, and would rather see this portion of the federal government debilitated and neutered. He has no intention of improving the Commerce department. 

Specific Wilbur Ross CV’s:

  • “Wilbur Ross would like to severely limit the role of the Commerce department.” Result: Yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Wilbur Ross is always willing to lie to get what he wants, including the destruction of the Commerce department.” Result: Yes
  • “Wilbur Ross is intending to illegally profit by being the Secretary of Commerce.” Result: Yes
  • “Wilbur Ross has been nominated to lead the Commerce department for the express purpose of at least partially dismantling it.” Result: Yes

Secretary of Transportation: Elaine Chao = 177 LOC; 556 EQL

This is the level that people are at when they feel they are under active threat. There is a preoccupation with injustice, but justice and fairness that is determined by them, not by the equality of human beings. Chao is regularly engaged in apocalyptic thinking and the expectation of human cataclysm. This is the same level as survivalist culture. She believes in the inaccurate idea of, “Survival of the fittest.” Keeping secrets or being secretive is a constant habit. While Chao is more functional and less destructive than others in the DJT circus of curiosities, she still has a very difficult time with basic integrity and truthfulness. Pridefulness will be a significant problem when she goes head-to- head with Trump too, because he has little or no value for women.

Specific Elaine Chao CV’s:

  • “Elaine Chao is intending to illegally profit by being the Secretary of Transportation.” Result: Yes
  • “Elaine Chao was nominated to Secretary of Transportation as part of of a ‘backroom’ deal between the Trump campaign and her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell.” Result: Yes
  • “Elaine Chao has any respect whatsoever for American democracy.” Result: Not yes
  • “Elaine Chao has any respect whatsoever for DJT.” Result: Not yes

US ambassador to the United Nations (UN): Nimrata “Nikki” Haley = 177 LOC; 281 EQL

In this CE state Nikki Haley is quite embarrassed regularly due to some significant self-judgment that is in the range of pathological. Behavior that has no regard for human health or life is a habit (all you have to do is note her record in South Carolina to see this). Interestingly, she has masochistic tendencies, which is what lead her to participate in the Trump circle of madness. Not only is Haley not qualified for the position of US ambassador to the UN, she is painfully aware of the fact, and is dreading the job. However, pridefulness and lack of integrity will keep her going. Three cheers for persistence!

As a quick comparison, the current ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, has an LOC of 192, and her EQL is 679. This indicates the willingness to be a bit underhanded, as is likely required in the UN, but generally on the side of the U.S. versus just being self-seeking. 

Specific Nikki Haley CV’s:

  • “Nikki Haley is intending to profit by being the UN ambassador.” Result: Yes
  • “Nikki Haley was nominated as UN ambassador as part of of a ‘backroom’ deal between herself and the Trump campaign, in order to garner votes for Trump in South Carolina.” Result: Yes
  • “Nikki Haley has any respect whatsoever for the United Nations.” Result: Not yes
  • “Nikki Haley has any respect whatsoever for DJT.” Result: Not yes

Secretary of the Interior: Ryan Zinke = 206 LOC; 566 EQL

Mr. Zinke, it should be noted, is a former Navy SEAL, so devotion to country is a big deal. He is currently deeply dissatisfied with the Republican party, so he’s likely to prefer this job change. He’s a perfectionist and is energetically oriented to the outdoors. Zinke is the only person in this list, and those in the list in part one of this report, that has the energetic and psychological capacity to do his job with integrity, and honesty. 

Specific Ryan Zinke CV’s:

  • “Ryan Zinke actually cares about the job of Secretary of the Interior, and the department’s function.” Result: Yes
  • “Ryan Zinke is intending to personally profit from being Secretary of the Interior.” Result: Not yes
  • “Ryan Zinke has a desire to do the job of Secretary of the Interior with integrity.” Result: Yes

Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos = 126 LOC; 406 EQL

Betsy DeVos has a belief system based on the original sin concept, and so she thinks all humans are inherently bad. Now, that probably applies to more than a few people in the DJT cavalcade of scary clowns, but this is a predominant devaluation of all persons, including herself, for DeVos. DeVos is also one of the most envious and covetous persons I’ve ever evaluated. She even supersedes Carson’s neediness with raw greed. She essentially embodies the old Gordon Gecko motto, “Greed is good.” (For those born after the 1980’s, that’s a reference to the film “Wall Street”)

Specific Betsy DeVos CV’s:

  • “Betsy DeVos has the clarified intention of improving education in the U.S.” Result: Not yes
  • “Betsy DeVos has the clarified intention of destroying the Department of Education (DOE).” Result: Yes
  • “It is accurate to say that Betsy DeVos is always willing to lie to get what she wants, including the destruction of the DOE.” Result: Yes
  • “Betsy DeVos is intending to illegally profit by being the head of the DOE.” Result: Yes
  • “Betsy DeVos has been nominated to lead the DOE for the express purpose of at least partially dismantling it.” Result: Yes

Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon = 126 LOC; 357 EQL

This is another grim repeat, but I’ll briefly recap this CE. Greed and desire are predominant. The energy of resistance to relinquishing total preoccupation with self is intense. Attacking others for beliefs or ideals is normal. Survival orientation dominates thinking regardless of how much money she has (which is a lot). There’s a belief in bad and good luck in McMahon too. The predominant human emotion experienced is sadness or depression (typically suppressed) in this field due to total self-defeat. However, this sadness primarily comes from a form of severe selfism.

Specific Linda McMahon CV’s:

  • “Linda McMahon is intending to illegally profit by being in charge of the Small Business Administration (SBA).” Result: Yes
  • “Linda McMahon was nominated to head of the SBA as part of of a backroom deal between the Trump campaign and herself, and as a reward for being a Trump supporter and donor.” Result: Yes
  • “Linda McMahon has any respect whatsoever for American democracy.” Result: Not yes
  • “Linda McMahon has any respect whatsoever for DJT.” Result: Not yes

Part 1 & 2 Conclusion

While the assessment results speak for themselves, I do want to point out some details that might help you to feel a little better about what you’ve just read. First, there is so much selfism, greed, and hatred in the the DJT team of destroyers, that they are likely going to eat each other alive. Sharks aren’t real picky about the menu items when there’s blood in the water (no disrespect to sharks). In other words, the federal government is comprised of millions of people and millions of variables every day. Combine that with scores of people trying to personally profit from the governmental process, and the potential for conflicts amidst the DJT “leaders” is massive. There should be some very entertaining stories of Shakespearean tragedy coming from inside sources in the next four years. So, we can be confident in the likelihood that many of these folks will mutually destruct, thus opening the door for more effective replacements in the future. 

This brings me to the second point, which is that there may not be a ‘next four years’ for the Trump ‘administration of greed’. You cannot have this many destructive people in charge of the critical functions of governing without the whole thing collapsing in on itself amidst the scrutiny of the press, the people, and the other two branches of government we have. It is for situations exactly like this that our three part system of government was created. Put enough ethically retarded people into the executive branch, and their infighting, swindling, and destruction will yield Watergate like sources leaking to the press, which will then lead to investigations, and then people will either resign from jobs they never really wanted, or else some folks will be going to jail. I’m not saying that the U.S. system isn’t flawed, but it has a tendency to self-correct, especially in this age of rapid exposure of secrets. 

Third, systemic corrections happen. That’s just the way the universe works. The correction happening now is actually a reaction to the division of a two party system that had become a disgusting display of positionality. A multi party, or even a no party system is the next evolution in American governance, and this grotesque DJT upheaval is apparently what was required before everyone paid attention to the inherent problems. Contained within the DJT team are all the remnants of an illogical, self-destructive and childish past that humans now have the ability to relinquish. Racism, greed, destruction, inequality, conspicuous consumption, hatred of others, and selfish positionality backed by bogus belief systems are all represented in Trump, and his various appointees. This is what happens when you open up the wall where there’s been an expensive, but unseen leak. Rot, mold, and destruction are discovered. It’s no fun, but now that we’ve seen it, and how horrifying it is, we can choose to do something about it. 

That’s where you come in. You have the power to help avoid this kind of mess in the future. In fact, this all could have been avoided if there were enough of us out there that had learned and practiced Coherence Verification. You see, what I have produced here took some time and effort, but it wasn’t magic, and it wasn’t something you can’t learn to do. You can learn to vet your local, state, and national candidates in even more detail than I have done here. This DJT collection of fearful folks could have been avoided entirely, if only there were more people like you, reading reports like this, and practicing Coherence Verification for themselves prior to hitting the voting booth. In the next few years Inception Publishing will be providing you with everything you need to develop your own CV practice, and so we invite you to join the inceptional life, and become a super informed citizen of the world. 

The Truth Value of this report is 73.4%

This indicates completely verified facts, and accuracy that is of general truthfulness regarding the specified group being assessed. This report has fundamental value to everyone reading it, and is free of opinion. This report is of the highest truth value possible, given the subject matter being addressed.