Reports of the Death of Truth Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

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I've Been Busy Reconnoitering

Greetings from the land of the Inceptional! For about the last nine months I've been creating explanatory blogs for you about the work we are doing at Inception Publishing. I've covered the basic details of Coherence Verification, offered some peeks into Consciousness Assessment, looked at Energetic Research, and tackled the sticky issue of the nature of Truth. Last month I took some time to examine what we've accomplished to date, and to determine what would be additionally compelling and helpful to you. In that process, I could definitely see that there was room for greater practicality and applicability. In other words, I've given you a ton of concepts and information, but there wasn't much that you could walk out into the world with and immediately apply. So, I did some reconnoitering (thanks for your patience during that time) and, "Voilà!" I give to you, the Truth Project

(cue resounding applause)

The Truth Project - A Year of Bite-Sized Essentials

The Truth Project is a presentation of what I call the, "Essential Universal Human Truths," based on the extensive Coherence Verification research I've done during my nearly two decades of being in this area of study. These Truths are "essential" because they are critical for all humans to learn and practice, without exception, in order to align with the way the Universe functions. In other words, I'll be handing over to you in small chunks, the foundational elements of what it takes to think and act in alignment with what is, rather than what we usually tend to do like hope, guess, adopt from others, or believe blindly. I'll being doing the handing over in regular, fairly short blog posts, so you can get your head wrapped around each Truth before we move onto another. At the same time you'll be participating in what will eventually be an additional Inception Publishing book, that will gather all these Truths together in one cohesive group. Sounds fun, right?

Uh oh. I hear a little groaning and see some skeptical arm crossing in the studio audience. Just hold the grimacing for a minute. I promise this isn't going to be another extended "spiritual" diatribe, as you've seen from others. The Truth Project will definitely not be a wordy philosophical tome provided to me by a channeled Mesopotamian holy man, or a set of rules you have to follow to avoid damnation. Seriously, we aren't doing any of that.

What I am going to do is give you the tools for lasting human fulfillment and awareness, based on repeatedly verified information, and confirmed experimentation. The Truths will be free of opinion, free of dogma, free of speculation, and free of bossy, know-it-all faux righteousness. Everything I will be delivering to you has been gained through intense, not-so-sexy hard work, research, and application. The Truth Project is ultimately pragmatic information for you, based on confirmations, not condemnations and dictates.

Let me show you what I mean, and simultaneously kick off our Truth Project.

Some Useful Essential Truths to Consider

  • The essential nature of the Universe is structured by and on Truth. That's right, there are rules in the Universe and they provide the infrastructure, so to speak, for how everything comes into being.
  • The belief in separateness is the root of all human pain and suffering. Looking for what 'goes wrong' in your thoughts and seems to cause fear and pain? Look no longer, there's a Truth for that!
  • Every human is interdependent with every other human. Feeling people are too divided these days? Good news, it's just an illusion!
  • Your history never determines your future. Past challenges never need be determinants of your future, at least, not in this Universe!
  • Every human life has value. Just in case you were feeling a little down, remind yourself that you are valuable!

These are just a few of the most valuable Truths that we can all learn and benefit from. I'll be expanding on these, and sixty plus others over the course of the next year, so that with each reading of these posts you'll be able to step out into the world a little more wise, and a lot more confident in who you are. But, that's jumping ahead a bit. Let's get some basics covered first.

The Nature of Truth

There is a fundamental “force” in the Universe, much like how we think of electromagnetism and gravity, but it functions more like a set of information based rules, rather than some invisible wave pushing or pulling things around, or making stuff stick together. This fundamental force is much like what we call "information." This force provides a type of patterning for energy, and tends to allow for the coalescence of patterns of process. These patterns help to structure all of Nature. In essence, everything is built on patterns that function like rules. These patterns, or rules, are essential Truths, and trying to work against them is a like trying to rebel against gravity. It's a little ridiculous.

The essential Truths are not beliefs, or based on human ideas. They are functions of Nature. As such, they dictate how things unfold, somewhat like a computer operating system allows you to interface with the hardware and software in your computer. You could say that the ultimate function of a human life is learning how the operating system works. Fortunately, we know most of that process now. The core of that process for humans is the elimination of fears, making intentional choices, and taking action based on Truths so that we can have the most gratifying human experience.

There you go. The nature of Truth in a nutshell, if you will. The question now is, "What does one of these essential Truths for humans look like?"

Essential Universal Human Truth 1

Here's our first Essential Universal Human Truth, or EUHT.

“Any human choice or activity that is contrary to Universal Truth, will eventually fail.”

This seems like an excellent starting point because this is the essence of the justification for the Truth Project. Consider a couple of straight forward questions. What would be the point in fighting gravity? What would be the point in "not believing in" an electromagnetic force. What would be the point of you trying to breathe water? We are clear that these efforts would be pointless, result in failures of all sorts, and even potentially be fatal.

So, how have we come to make a distinction between these physical truths, and the most basic human truths, especially when we can easily prove that essential truths must also be followed or else there will be negative consequences? You'd never argue with or fight gravity, so what's the point of doing that with a life affirming EUHT?

It must just be a lack of knowledge, thus, the purpose and value of this type of study, and the Truth Project generally. The way I think about all this Truth stuff is:

"I don't want to botch this whole life thing, or make it miserable, so I might as well learn the basic rules. Would someone please hand me the instruction manual so I can read up on how the game should be played?"

Given that I haven't yet located a simple, universal instruction manual, it only made sense to construct it. I did this by using Coherence Verification to identify and prioritize the most critical Truths that exist, and that were most beneficial for all of us to learn and employ each day.

Let me place EUHT 1 in a different context to drive home the idea of Truth as a factually confirmable process. Essential Truths are entirely similar to how we use math axioms. In fact, Truths by definition are axiomatic, even if everyone isn't on board yet. Everyone can work together well when we agree that 1 + 1 = 2. We can exchange goods, money, work, and ideas. 1 + 1 = 2 is a rule we all follow because we can see it, we can prove it, and we can use it with consistency. It just works. It's the truth (small 't' in this case as it doesn't quite qualify as an EUHT, just a basic fact).

Now consider this: If you don't agree that 1 + 1 = 2, you can't really do much of anything with others for very long. Imagine trying to split the dinner check with friends at a restaurant if you decided that 1 + 1 = 6, and your friends were still operating on 'the old math.' In this case, you could say that reality itself was not being agreed upon, and so conflict is likely to ensue.

Not agreeing on some basic, axiomatic Truths that apply to all humans, is similar to this ridiculous disagreement about basic math. When we do not agree on what is a Truthful and valuable state of being and function, based on objective rules of physics and natural law, there will be conflict and ultimately human failure and harm. This kind of disagreement is at the root of most interpersonal fights, cultural conflicts, societal disharmony, and international mayhem. It's also the answer to the constant question, "What is wrong with us humans that we can't just get along for any length of time?"

Easy, we don't agree on the nature of Nature, the basics of human coexistence, of what is mutually beneficial, and what is supportive of life. We don't agree on the Truth.

A Bit More Clarity

Still not fully clear? Let's contemplate some common human actions within the context of examples of Essential Human Truths.

Would anyone commit suicide out of emotional despair if they fully accepted the Truth that every human life had value, or the Truth that fear is not a natural state?

Would anyone ever lie if they learned and fully accepted the Truth that lying always results in psychological conflict, physical illness, and practical complications?

Would anyone ever be prejudiced in any way if they learned and fully accepted the Truth that there is no real distinction between one human and another, outside of some minor physical and personality differences?

Would anyone kill another person if they learned and fully accepted the Truth that their life is just as important, creative, and valuable as the person they are going to kill?

Would anyone ever concoct reasons and justifications for their choices if they learned and fully accepted the Truth that only they are responsible for their choices?

All of these questions contain Truths that are fundamental, and examples of what you'll be discovering over the course of the Truth Project. These are distinctive, clear, and simple concepts that are redundantly confirmed as being basic to human progress. In the Truth Project I won't be suggesting that you drastically change your life. I'll only be asking you to consider learning and accepting what is beneficial to you.

How Truth is Valuable to You

I said this was all going to be practical, and I definitely meant it. So, here's how that practicality is going to look in the Truth Project, as well as my suggestions for what you can do with the Essential Universal Human Truths.

First, think each Truth through, and pose any immediate questions. Am I making logical and practical sense to you? Are you fully clear in the implications of the Truth you are examining? Can you see how the Truth will apply to the many contexts and relationships that make up your life? If any of these questions, or any others you come up with, are difficult to answer, just let me know or kick some ideas around for a few days. I'm always open to questions and comments and will answer all questions in the comments section as thoroughly as I can. You'll probably sort out quite a bit on your own too. The key is to give each Truth a chance to be considered, rather than just reading it, and then thinking, "That's nice."

Second, you can re-pattern the brain/mind with Truth reminders. All thoughts are essentially habits of thinking methodology. Reminding yourself regularly of these Essential Human Truths will result in gradually modifying thought habits. You'll also be improving states of consciousness, awareness, success, and beneficial emotion, because all contemplated and implemented Truths have distinctive intellectual and physical benefits. It can only result in improvement of your experience because following Universal patterns of being is the way you are built to function. So, plaster each new EUHT on your computer monitor, or car dash board. Scribble it down on a note card and keep it in your pocket throughout the day. Slap it on the refrigerator door. Whatever it takes to remind you of each "new" Truth will be valuable in re-patterning your thoughts and intentions.

Third, put the Truth into practice. You've contemplated how each Truth transforms your thoughts, choices, and intentions, but what does each Truth look like in action? I suggest taking each Truth that I deliver to you and applying it constantly to one area of responsibility. For example, today's EUHT is, "Any human choice or activity that is contrary to Universal Truth, will eventually fail." We also learned another Universal Truth is that all humans have inherent value (which we'll discuss more thoroughly in weeks to come). That means you are valuable, and so there's no reason whatsoever to judge or trash yourself. Period.

If you are telling yourself you are less than valuable as a human because you don't have a ton of money, or are overweight, or aren't capable of change, or any negative judgment whatsoever - that self-attack will result in failure of all sorts, not success. So, there's no point in attacking yourself because it isn't going to help you ultimately. Not one moment of self-criticism about your size or weight will help you drop the excess pounds. In fact, that self-criticism is likely to function as a stressor, and so make it physically likely that you will gain weight, not lose it. Self-attack results in failure because it violates the EUHT that you are inherently valuable, as well as resulting in stress. Making sense now?

Fourth, know that you are scoring some enlightenment when you are implementing EUHTs. Enlightenment isn't a destination, or the accumulation of "good person points." Enlightenment is your native state of being that only exists right now. It's not a goal, it's you each moment you are being in complete Truthfulness. So, the pay off is your experience right now, not in some imagined future.

truth #1.jpg
Photo: Lynette Pradiga

How Does Truth Transform the World?

Finally, for those of us that think the world could use a little truthfulness boost because there are so many destructive folks on TV lying every day as naturally as they breathe, I have a few thoughts.

Sharing of what you have learned about Truth, created with the Truth, and experienced by implementation of the Truth, is a big pay off for all concerned. Most of our conversations with others don't revolve around the Truth, but we do imply the value of truthfulness quite often. Imagine shifting the conversations you have (or social media posts, or emails, or communication with kids, etc.) consistently towards what is Truthful. What would you convey to others if you were to say, "You know Sally, you are valuable to me as a friend, and I really don't think you will help yourself by being so critical of yourself. How about we shift the conversation to how great you are, and what you can do to drop those spare 25 pounds? Let's just let the criticality go. In my experience, that always helps me to feel better."

In that moment, you've quietly shared what's Truthful, without sounding like a self-righteous preacher. The result can be a fundamental shift in the quality of your interactions, and an increase in the deep connectivity we all desire in relationship. That is not only a benefit to you, but also a benefit to your people. Significant and lasting change in the world is typically brought about through person to person interactions. As you employ these Truths in your relationships, you are improving the world around you. Each moment of sharing what is Truthful is transforming the world. One on one is where life happens, so always focus in on who you are effecting in the moment, and you'll be making a major contribution. Ultimately, the more you share with one person at a time, the more you reinforce the Truth for yourself. Rattling ideas around in your head isn't going to get real transformation accomplished. Implementation and sharing is the key.

Going forward

As I deliver these EUHTs to you every week or two for the next many months, you'll probably find that some will seem obvious, some will hit you like a ton of bricks, and some you may even totally dislike or disagree with. I look forward to all these reactions. I admit that this is somewhat of an experiment, and I very much appreciate your participation and feedback. I have been handing off these Truths to clients for many years now, and I've seen the significant improvements that they yield when people take them seriously, and apply them universally. I'm confident that you'll benefit from this Truth Project. I'm also optimistic you'll find that simplifying your thoughts through the filter of Truth, and clarifying your intentions and actions through the guidance of highly applicable information, will result in the kind of certainty we all search for.

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