Coherence Verification: The key to unlocking energetic mysteries

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I’m admitting to a definite challenge in this post. Both the success of Inception Publishing and the core of what we do, is based on Coherence Verification; but, there are very limited numbers of people who know what Coherence Verification is or what can be accomplished with it. In fact, we are effectively devoting the first couple years of the Inception Publishing plan to explaining and exposing you to Coherence Verification. So, in these first few “evergreen” posts I’ll be talking about Coherence Verification. In this particular post, I’ll be introducing you more thoroughly to Coherence Verification. In subsequent posts, and the first few books, we’ll be examining Coherence Verification in significant detail. For now though, let’s just get acquainted with Coherence Verification and “energetic research.” Don’t worry, it isn’t too complicated. 

Energetic research is done using a process I call Coherence Verification. This is a somewhat new type of research I have developed that is done by choosing a particular concept, and then verifying the accuracy through a form of quantum calculation that can currently only be done via the human body. For those of you who haven’t been studying up on your advanced theoretical physics, a quantum calculation is one where all possible solutions to a question are considered simultaneously, instead of one at a time, as is done in standard computing.

Rudimentary forms of electronic quantum calculating are being experimented with in labs currently. What has been well confirmed now, is that the human brain and body are already doing quantum calculations every second to keep the body well, and keep the mind active. Science has yet to create a machine that can come close to that level of calculation capacity. In short, your body is a walking calculator that is identifying what is helpful to you every nano second of every day. We have now figured out how to use the sensitivity of that calculation process to show us what is invisibly happening at the most subtle levels of our experience.  

In its original and very simple form, this kind of research was called kinesiological testing, (again, what we are now referring to as Coherence Verification) which was a simpler version of measuring the energetic quality of a thing, person, or idea, or simply testing musculoskeletal reflex responses for physical health purposes. Coherence Verifications (or C.V.’s) are accomplished by ‘testing’ the reflex of a particular muscle group in the body in response to physical or energetic stimuli. If the reflex response is a strong one, then the stimulus being tested is valuable for the person being tested. If the response is weak (the muscle group being tested weakens) then the stimulus is counterproductive or harmful. For example, if someone has a sensitivity or allergy to a particular food, then placing that food in their mouth or near the body and then pressing down on an outstretched arm will result in the arm going weak, even though the person being tested is trying to keep their arm up. When the food being evaluated elicits a strong muscular response, then that food is currently beneficial to that person. It doesn’t sound very impressive in written form, but the effect in person is dramatic. 

The story of the discovery of the value of kinesiological testing begins, like many do, with “accidents” of observation. Beginning in the 1960‘s and into the early 1970’s, integrated health improvement processes were popping up all over the place. Some were old, and some were new. Some included aspects of chiropractic and nutritional therapies with what is often called “eastern” medicine. These ‘blended’ methods resulted in entirely new modalities of healing. Many of these practices continue to be used today, very successfully, in world wide application. This testing process uses naturally occurring reflex responses in the body to identify what treatment the body is most positively responsive to. Kinesiology is the study of the movement and interactions of the musculoskeletal system. So, kinesiological testing is a process where the strength or weakness of a particular portion of the musculoskeletal system is tested, either on its own, or in response to a particular movement or stimulus. I was initially taught a simplified explanation of a kinesiological test, and for those of you that have not already experienced this process first hand, it goes like this:  

  1. A particular area of the body, let’s say the muscle group that controls the shoulder joint, is identified as a preferred testing location. The person doing the testing (practitioner, doctor, therapist, friend, etc.) has the subject (client, patient, participant, spouse, etc.) stand up straight and extend one arm out to their side, parallel with the floor.
  2. The tester stands facing the test subject and places one hand on the extended arm, pressing down firmly for just a moment while the subject resists. Most people will be easily able to hold the arm out while the tester presses down. The shoulder joint has tested as strong.
  3. Next, the tester can introduce another factor. If the tester is interested in identifying the body response of the test subject to a particular food, all that needs to be done is have that food item placed in the mouth or up to a sensitive point on the body of the test subject. As soon as the food hits the tongue, the tester will firmly and quickly press down on the extended arm. If the response is strong (the person being tested can resist the down force of the tester) then that food is not being rejected by the body. If the test subject’s response is weak (arm cannot be held up) then the body is essentially saying, “No thanks, can’t do that food without having some problems.”
  4. This same type of test can be repeated using any muscle group in the body, and can be done to identify ‘weakened’ aspects of any organ, portion of the nervous system, or skeletal alignment, by simply changing the procedure just slightly. There are more details about this process, but that’s the basic procedure.

Fascinatingly, the same muscle response effect is seen when testing negative or counterproductive thoughts. When any person is thinking angry, fearful, or guilty thoughts, any muscle group being tested (usually the arm & shoulder as mentioned above) will go completely weak. This phenomena also works with truthful or deceitful information. When being tested, a person can tell the truth, and their muscles will always be strong. If a test subject says something that is not true, they will go completely weak when tested. In effect, your body cannot lie, or even be wrong. This naturally occurring phenomenon has been documented in millions of tests on hundreds of thousands of people for the last forty years, and is an excellent way to determine the truthfulness of anyone or anything.

I mentioned earlier that this is a “new” form of research. However, the basic use of kinesiological testing does have four decades of theoretical establishment, experimental use, and clinical application. What makes our efforts with Coherence Verification new, is that we are now able to use this tool to dive into some of the most challenging areas of human thought and speculation. We are talking about a mind blowing shift in human understanding here! Research subject matters like our origins, the effects of different methods of thought, the value of belief systems, and the thorny issues of religion and of God are all ‘on the table’ now for fundamental research instead of speculation, guessing, and reasonless belief. Even consciousness itself can now be rigorously examined using this methodology in conjunction with a relative scale that I have developed and call the Energetic Evaluation Scale. So, the amazing novelty here is that we now have multiple tools to objectively measure the energetic quality of virtually any thing, psychological process, physiological process, information, and consciousness quality. Basically, the sky is the limit! I will be diving into more depth about these tools and processes in my soon to be released books on Coherence Verification.

For clarity, what Coherence Verification is not used for, is telling anyone what to think or do. We are simply presenting the results of years of energetic research in this blog and in our books, for your consideration. There are countless applications for energetic research given that everything is energy. In future articles we will be showing you more of how Coherence Verification can be used. To be entirely clear with you, we are hoping you are attracted to learn more about C.V. after reading this article. This is a truly ground breaking discovery that can change all of our lives!

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