Coherence Verification: The New Scientific Method that is Helping You

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Audience recognition time!

In recent posts I’ve introduced you to Coherence Verification in moderate detail. (If this is your first time here, and you aren’t sure what Coherence Verification is yet, here’s a handy link to an explainer post.) Some of you were probably completely excited about the possibilities of learning more about Coherence Verification. However, I recognize that accepting the possibilities of Coherence Verification is a fundamental paradigm shift, and so some people might be a little skeptical, or at least want to know if there’s anyone else on board with this interesting idea. So, I’m expending a few words here to address both sets of you all at once!

The current state of Coherence Verification usage

There might be a few of you reading all this stuff about Coherence Verification (CV), and thinking:

“This guy is nuts and has to be out there on a limb by himself with this Coherence Verification thingy, right? Anybody can figure out anything and know ‘the truth’? Sounds like a lot of woo woo nonsense to me.”

I can appreciate this response, and have dealt with it countless times. One time I got hit with this kind of reaction, and it really stands out in my memory. I have this hilarious recollection (hilarious to me anyway, it may not have been funny to the other guy) of getting extremely excited one day in my office because I was going to introduce Coherence Verification (CV) to a real live rocket scientist. I thought that this guy would get it for sure. He was, in essence, an engineer and a physicist, so I was positive he would think CV was the coolest thing ever. I was definitely making an incorrect assumption. I went through the more technical version of the explanation, showed him the effect on his own body, identified things about him that there was no way I could have known without CV, and then I stepped back and waited with one of those smiling, “Whattaya think?” looks on my face. He was blank, then he dropped his head and said something to the effect that he didn’t believe me, he thought this was all bogus, and the only reason he was there was because his wife sort of forced him into it. At the time I was a bit crest fallen. Now it strikes me as a brilliant example of how even very educated people allow their own fear of change to get in the way of the valuable learning that they have amassed. 

So, for those of you that think I’m a solo crazy dude, and for those of you that are just interested in how many different applications there are for CV, I have put together the following abbreviated list. This is not a ‘deep dive’ research post, but rather, will begin to acquaint you with all the possible applications of CV in your own life. The list is in no particular order, and all of these areas of application do already have some version of CV being used in them. 

1. Chiropractic, Physical Therapies, and Physical Fitness

The use of general kinesiological testing in chiropractic and physical therapy practices is where most people have been introduced to basic muscle testing techniques. While this application is not technically CV, the use of the natural reflexes of the body is wide spread, including in professional sports. Also, our current awareness of CV began in this kind of application field, and so they definitely deserve recognition.

2. Nutrition and Body Chemistry Assessments

Since the wider applications of CV began to be realized, more and more alternative and mainstream healthcare practitioners have learned to use forms of CV. One of the fields that has benefitted the most from this usage has been the specialization of body assessments for nutritional and supplemental therapies. Literally millions of people per year are effectively assessed and helped with nutritional support, and CV is rapidly becoming a preferred method for those assessments. While not all practitioners fully understand or agree with the expanded use of CV for research and human consciousness assessments yet, we do envision a day when these professional practitioners will be able to easily expand their usage of CV to more thoroughly help their patients and clients. 

3. Consciousness Research and Alethiology

It is my opinion that consciousness research and the study of the nature of Truth, or alethiology, can and should be considered “basic science.” This is to say that we now have the chance to utilize CV to study these areas with the same curiosity and objectivity that is afforded other forms of research like biology and physics. I am a fan of philosophical musings and writing, but philosophy isn’t really an area most of us spend time studying because confirmation of any idea is at best subjective, and usually quite arguable. With CV, we do have the needed tool to now conduct clear and mutually confirmable research results into these previously neglected areas of intellectual endeavor. Could any area be more important for study than confirmable Truths?

4. Truth Value of Books, Speeches, Information of Any Sort, and Belief Systems

Speaking of Truth, I’ll be addressing this area in some detail in this blog, as well as in an upcoming book I am writing completely devoted to Truth assessment. For now, just be aware that all information use (any activity that involves what we generally call “information,” or facts) has an inherent coherency, or lack of coherency with Universal Truths, thus the “Truth Value” (my term) can be assessed. This is a more finite use of CV than simply defining whether information is true or false. Simply put, if you’ve ever wanted to know whether something you have read or heard is true, partly true, or a total con job, you can learn to do so with ease. No longer will you have to wonder blindly whether a particular story, document, or claim is true and accurate because there are already entirely reliable methods of CV to accomplish the assessment of the value of any of these. This is already being used daily by my clients, as well as similar application methods that are being applied throughout the world. 

5. Level of Consciousness and Spiritual Research

CV is allowing us to delve into subjects like our origins, the effects of different methods of thought, the value of belief systems, and the contentious issues of religion and God. These are all ‘on the table’ now for fundamental research instead of speculation, guessing, and reasonless belief. Even human consciousness itself, which has evaded mutually agreed upon definition for the entirety of human history, is now being rigorously examined using this methodology. This process was primarily started by David Hawkins in his ground breaking book, Power vs. Force in the 1990’s, and I have been able to continue the process since 2001. Again, these seemingly tricky areas of discussion are now able to be examined because of the information energy identification capability that is fundamental to the CV phenomenon. 

6. Sociological and Psychological Research

Enormous effort is put into understanding human behavior and motivations throughout the world. However, most of that effort is strictly observational and does not account for the informational and energetic underpinnings of human function. All human studies, including sports psychology and human performance, can unquestionably benefit from the introduction of CV. One great example of this has been the use of CV to do personality assessments, and determine that there are a finite number of personality types that humans participate in, regardless of culture or time in history. In the personal training programs that I have done for clients since 2002, personality assessment is always done with CV, with a level of accuracy that is uncanny, and remarkably detailed.

7. Personal Growth Assessments

There are countless programs and books these days that purport to be assistive in personal growth and improvement. The challenge for most of us that are interested in this kind of pursuit is two fold. First, how does one determine the truthfulness and quality of a particular method or teaching? Second, how does one determine where one ‘is at’ in the process of increasing awareness and clarity? The utilization of CV can be used to answer both of these questions, as well as help anyone determine the exact type of personal growth method that is most coherent with one’s values and goals. In the near future I’ll be providing you with more specific posts on this area of CV usage. 

8. Energetic Value of Visual Art, Music, and Symbols

All human endeavor has an inherent energetic quality that can be assessed using CV. The arts are quite often extremely influential in our lives, and so it makes sense to be aware of the benefit, or counter-productivity of the art we are participating in. This is also true for any symbology, like the logo of a business. CV has been applied by many that I know of to clarify whether their entertainments, creations, or artistic endeavors were of an energetic quality that was coherent with their values and goals. 

9. Food, Product, and Process Quality Verifications

This is an exciting area of CV application, both for personal use, and commercial use. In short, once CV is learned, anyone can verify if a particular food is beneficial for them or a family member. The same applies to any product, although some expertise does need to be developed. Similarly, commercial applications could be developed quite easily to verify food quality and edibility, product safety, and environmental impacts that might otherwise go unseen until the damage is done, and it’s too late to help folks. While I am not aware of any current commercial applications outside of the work I have done for clients that are business owners, I do know that personal use for food quality and safety is practiced regularly, and many products have been developed and tested using advanced forms of CV

10. Energy Psychology And "Meridian Therapies"

This is a field of psychological health assistance that uses a form of CV to “show” clients how the body responds poorly to stress inducing thoughts, and then the practitioner provides solutions for resolving the distress. In some practices, solutions will include percussive algorithms, or “tapping,” as mentioned above. The critical value of CV in this field is that it takes the often vague, fuzzy aspects of psychological treatment, and allows the practitioner and client to see exactly how the brain thinks about a situation, and how the body responds to those thoughts. This CV application is a potential revolution in the the field of psychological health. 

11. Percussive Algorithms

CV can be used to define sequences of self-applied acupressure, more commonly known as “tapping,” for the resolution of all sorts of psychological and physical imbalances. Many forms of tapping exist, from the most general stress reduction techniques, to highly customized methods for targeted application in particular scenarios. CV is also used to identify when the particular psychological or physical problem being addressed has been resolved. In other words, CV can be used to identify your particular difficulties, specify a customized method for you to feel better, and then be used to verify that you are free of the original difficulty. Handy, yes? 

12. Physics Research

This last area is more of a hope on my part than any actual application, outside of my work, that I can reference. Simply put, it is my contention that for the world as a whole to advance and survive its human inhabitants, we humans need to get our act together when it comes to physics discoveries that are assistive. If there are any physicists reading this, and you are interested in speeding up your research processes to better humanity and the planet, call me. I am certain that the blending of advanced theoretical physics with CV, and the help of our friends in applied mathematics, is the combination needed to sort out many of the remaining messy issues in physics, as well as come up with some excellent solutions to global problems. A guy can hope at least. 

Coherence Verification as a "new scientific method"

Speaking of a hope in science, I want to address one last introductory issue before you move on to important things like posting a picture of a cow licking a cat. Obviously, this is not an anti-science blog, nor is it a pro-science blog. I consider myself a bit of a science geek, while not being a professional scientist. One of my preferred types of relaxation is watching television programs and documentaries on animal behaviors, the histories of great scientific discoveries, and biographies about frontier scientists. I also consider myself quite conversant in multiple science disciplines, and spend over half of my reading time buried in physics and human development books. 

In all that exposure, I happened to have noticed a little problem. For the last couple hundred years human experience has been fairly well dominated by science and engineering. This domination has produced quite a myriad of comforts and conveniences, while simultaneously creating countless messes. It also has had the curious effect of leaving those of us who are not officially scientists, somewhat out in the intellectual cold, just waiting for those that are scientists to let the rest of us into their well guarded informational castles. I am generalizing, of course, but the fact is that there are few opportunities for new research and development methods to break through the walls that the science world has so carefully constructed. In short, if you do not ‘do research’ the way the scientific world demands, then you are considered inferior, and invalid. This will now be changing. 

Welcome to the democratized realm of energetic research and logically applied results! That’s right, by learning Coherence Verification techniques and processes for yourself (which I hope you all do), you are becoming part of a growing band of what I like to think of as ‘independent’ researchers. Every verification you complete and integrate into your awareness is a moment of research and application. You are becoming your own “R & D” department. You are integrating into a quietly expanding community of intelligent, reasonable humans that desire to improve themselves and their world with the means that are already ‘built into’ their bodies. You no longer need to only defer to people that are supposed experts, as you now have the keys to the intellectual kingdom of information energy. I do not have any problem with someone being an expert, as I suspect you don’t. I’m an expert in Coherence Verification. Still, I do not want you to rely entirely on me. I would like to see you do your own practice and learning. I honestly hope that the ‘new scientific method’ is a blending of all the best practices that have served humanity well for the last three hundred plus years, with the energetic research that virtually anyone can do for themselves via CV. I have complete confidence in you and your ability to learn and use Coherence Verification en route to becoming the Truth focused, life time student that may well be hidden inside of you, and that poked his or her head out long enough to inspire you to check out Inception Publishing in the first place. So, I thank you for your participation in the ‘new science’ of Coherence Verification. Now, let’s get together and change your world! 

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