Eric’s Not a Liberal Commie!

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Recently I finished and sent out to you fine folks a three part Coherence Verification report on Donald Trump and Friends, with the conclusion being that Trump and his inner circle and cabinet are some of the most destructive people you’ll ever come across. It occurred to me, as more and more people read these reports, that a few people might think I’m just some kind of hyper liberal, pinko socialist, Marx loving commie who’s intent on bashing people that think differently than I do. This is not the case. I do not adhere to a particular political bent at all, and have a bit of an idealistic sense that someday we could all agree on creating a, “more perfect union” in the US, and the world, by making choices based in maximized long term mutual benefit, reason, and truthfulness. That may make me a little nutty, but it doesn’t put me in any particular ideological camp.

About This Report

With that being said, I thought I’d do a short report that would illustrate how there are marked differences in consciousness quality between people from the opposite sides of the political spectrum, so that you can see that Coherence Verification is endlessly valuable in determining who is supportive of you in their capacity as governmental functionaries, and who isn’t. I’m also hoping you’ll notice I am attempting to achieve absolute objectivity in my writing and reporting.

Conscious Energy Assessments with Coherence Verification

This assessment and report was completed using an energetic/informational research methodology that is entirely accurate. Energetic research is done using Coherence Verification (CV). This is a form of research that is accomplished by identifying a particular concept, and then verifying its accuracy and Truthfulness through a form of quantum computation that can only be done via the human body. This naturally occurring effect has been seen in millions of tests on hundreds of people during the last 16 years. For more information regarding Coherence Verification, feel free to check out the rest of this Inception Publishing website. You can also read The Inceptional Field Guide, which is given to all $5 and above Inception Publishing patrons on Patreon.

Reporting Details


General Coherence Verification (CV) assessment report on US Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).


This week Warren was silenced by Senate Majority Leader McConnell while speaking in the Senate about the nomination of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General, under an obscure and rarely used Senate rule. It appeared this was done to avoid having her speak of Sessions’ record, which does include some very counterproductive and unconstitutional tendencies. (For more on Sessions and his racist consciousness and beliefs, see the Trump & Friends part 2 report here.)

Verifications completed

By Eric Burlingame on February 10-11, 2017.

Assessment Results for McConnell

Mitch McConnell = 156 LOC; 256 EQL

This is the energetic and informational level of someone that uses anger and hatred as a primary motivation and reference to others. Considerable self-importance is perceived at this level as well, and there is a belief that he usually knows best. The pride at this level leads to gloating, especially when he is successful in terrorizing others he believes to be rivals. Personal and professional character assassination and destruction is a preferred method of attack for McConnell, as he has little value for other humans. It is impossible for McConnell to adhere to any consistent ethical, moral, or political belief system at this consciousness level. Please note that, at this level, he does not even reach the consciousness quality of being treasonous because that level of destructive tendency requires some modicum of idealogical adherence. McConnell chooses not to adhere to any belief system, other than feigning an adherence to that which he perceives will benefit him most.

Specific McConnell CV’s:

  • “Mitch McConnell thinks that men are generally more valuable than women.” Result: Yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell thinks that white skinned people are generally more valuable than people of other skin colors.” Result: Yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell thinks that people born in the US are generally more valuable than people born outside of the US.” Result: Yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell despises all people that disagree with him.” Result: Yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell believes it is critical for him to adhere to the US constitution.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell is interested in being consistently truthful.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell accepts Elizabeth Warren is just as valuable as a human being as he is.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell would like to destroy Warren’s reputation, but recognizes that he cannot because there is nothing for him to attack other than differences of opinion.” Result: Yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell currently has the ability to function with integrity in any area of his life or profession.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Mitch McConnell intends to profit enormously from being a senator.” Result: Yes.

Comparative Verifications

While none of these fellows below has the exact same conscious level as McConnell, you will notice some striking matches, or very similar point ranges. Please also note that I’m not saying that McConnell is ‘like these guys’, but rather, that McConnell could end up being one of the more destructive persons in recent memory.

  • Joseph McCarthy (famous for the trials on “UnAmerican Activity”) = 146 LOC; 241 EQL.
  • Ted Kaczynski (aka, the Unabomber) = 116 LOC; 256 EQL.
  • Bernie Madoff (famed Ponzi scheme thief) = 142 LOC; 316 EQL.
  • Ronald Reagan (past US president) = 156 LOC; 312 EQL

Observational notes:

It is difficult to fully explain how potentially destructive McConnell is, and has been already in his role as a Senator. There is almost no moral or ethical line McConnell will not cross, if he imagines crossing a particular line will ultimately benefit him without hurting him too much. While he does appear to have some moderate level of self-awareness and intelligence, these are utterly squandered on creating constantly overlapping misinformation and destruction campaigns. If this assessment seems like hyperbole, please be clear that it is merely a statement of raw fact based upon the types of thoughts and energy that he is participating in.

Assessment Results for Warren

Elizabeth Warren = 245 LOC; 657 EQL

This is the level of a very fundamental pragmatism for herself, and others. Warren tends to work towards what works. Contrary to what many believe to be the case about Warren, she is not a liberal ideologue. She values what is mutually beneficial to the best of her knowledge, and works towards those ends. She has a keen sense of purposefulness that is based in assisting as many as she can in her role as a senator, and she has a fundamental orientation to facts, and truthfulness. She does not value opinion extensively, and fits the description of a ‘straight shooter.’ Warren works to maintenance objectivity and neutrality, although she can get very irritated when she discovers injustice. Senator Warren has no hidden agendas, and has no expectation of making considerable sums of money by having been a senator. Warren is, in summation, exactly who she appears to be.

Specific Warren CV’s:

  • “Elizabeth Warren thinks that women are generally more valuable than men.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren thinks that white skinned people are generally more valuable than people of other skin colors.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren thinks that people born in the US are generally more valuable than people born outside of the US.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren despises all people that disagree with her.” Result: Not yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren values other people’s input and concerns.” Result: Yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren believes it is critical for her to adhere to the US constitution.” Result: Yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren is interested in being truthful.” Result: Yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren accepts Mitch McConnell is just as valuable as a human being as she is.” Result: Yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren would like to destroy McConnell’s reputation." Result: Not yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren currently functions with integrity in all areas of her life or work.” Result: Yes.
  • “Elizabeth Warren intends to profit enormously from being a senator.” Result: Not yes.

Comparative Verifications

  • Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of president F. D. Roosevelt) = 242 LOC; 646 EQL.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) = 242 LOC; 662 EQL.
  • Oprah Winfrey (needs no introduction) = 222 LOC; 642 EQL.


The letter from Coretta Scott King that Warren attempted to read into the Senate record at which point she was silenced can be viewed here.


From the results in this report we can conclude that McConnell and Warren are not two people of the same general consciousness level, simply with differing views on the most effective ways to run a country. These two senators are literally people of fundamentally differing ways of being and functioning.

You’ll notice I completed identical specific verification statements for both Warren and McConnell. I wanted to do a detailed, side by side comparison of key belief systems and thoughts that direct choices, like the equality of humans, sexism, and bigotry. You can see quite clearly that McConnell has no value for others, whereas Warren has a sense of the Truth that all humans are valuable. Obviously, in the realm of being in the US congress, the issue of devaluing others and a lack of value for the truth leads to the question of whether these two are intent on upholding their oaths of office. So, I included the verification regarding an intent on adhering to the US constitution, and it appears once again, McConnell values little else but himself and his agenda of self-enrichment. Warren does intend to fulfill her oath to adhere to the guidelines of the US constitution. Also, the way they go about approaching each other, and by extension other colleagues, is drastically different. Warren can accept the opinions of others without hatred, and without the desire to destroy those with differences. McConnell responds with hatred, despise, and a desire to destroy.

Please be clear that, because most do not understand that thought and consciousness qualities can be identified, and because most are not aware that fundamental, universal truths exists, humans will typically default to polarized demonization of those that are different and disagree. The attitudes are often, “My ideas are right, and my side is right, while yours is wrong, so you are bad and I am good.” With Coherence Verification and a developing understanding of consciousness qualities, we can begin to abandon these useless polarizing thought tendencies, and seek out objective information. When this choice is made, the differences in people’s intentions and agendas become quite clear, and then we can choose to marginalize the destructive behaviors, while still choosing to accept the ignorant persons participating in those behaviors. This new habit can then become the basis for the reasonable, Truth based world I believe can become the norm. Hopefully you can now see this fact, and the fact that I’m not a crazy pinko liberal.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

The Truth Value of this report is 60.3%.

This indicates completely verified facts, and accuracy. This report has basic intellectual value to everyone reading it, especially those interested in leadership and government.